Lucas Grabeel: Jealous of Zac Efron?

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Think Lucas Grabeel is jealous of Zac Efron?

We only ask because, well, have you even heard of Lucas Grabeel?

He's Efron's co-star in High School Musical, portraying the role of Ryan Evans, brother of Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale). Still, it seems as though Efron gets the majority of attention, having picked up movie roles in Hairspray and the upcoming Seventeen.

Note to Lucas Grabeel: if you want more publicity, perhaps you should shed your clothing. It worked well for Vanessa Hudgens.

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felicidades a lucas por que hoy 23 de noviembre es su cumpleaños muchas felicidades grandpa


expiração para musica todosdos os seis


say what?????
Lucas jealous of Zac???
what for?there's nothing in ac that he can jealous at....maybe just the fact that zac has has a girlfiend and he's single but still!
Lucas has NO reason to be jealous at Zac
Lucas can pull anything off he can act like a dork but still looks cool he can act like a bad ass but still looks sweet and he can act like a got/emo/punk wtv but still charming
i offense but...can Zac pull those off? and for quality of voice....hmmm i actually prefer Corbin's for the number one at HSM and Lucas for the 2nd and for acting and dancing Lucas is numero uno!
and Zac?err...sorry but u're the last at everything okay you can dance but no one can beat Lucas oh sorry am i babbling?
and sorry if i offend someone


you are beautiful thus but even if nn you appeal to me I wanted to say to you that fianc2ee with ashley you can become the most fabulous brace listens you make to leave to me ashley with that crazy ugly of signorin murillo ok? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
( Inserisci fino a 150 parole


i think that lucas is much, much better than zac, i think he's really awesome *-*


lucas eres muy bonito pero no te comparas con zack espero que estes muy bien


Lucas is totaly not jelous. I LOVE LUCAS . He is much more tallented.


lucas is cuuuuuuuuuuute, so why he be jealous of zac . zac is cute too but that doesn't mean he is jealous of zac , atleast zac is with vanessa hudgen


Lucas u r cuter than zac because many my friends support u!!
My friends and classmate hate zac bcoz he nis Horny to girls what he did to vans. Zac is stupid but u r not stupid. I love u lucas Don't give up, Coz ur the best!!!!
I'll support u!!!!... My class said that Zac is Addic in sex!!! Yucky!!!


Well, it's a good idea that Lucas should shed his clothes.. I guess I'll just faint or something, anyway, Lucas said it himself that he isn't really interested in the publicity or the money, he just wants to do what he likes and that's acting and making movies. Personally I think Zac sucks but that's my opinion ;d