Linda and Hulk Hogan Divorce: A Long Time Coming

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Reportedly, the shock that Hulk Hogan expressed upon hearing that his longtime wife had filed for divorce was a fake as the blood he used to spew inside a wrestling ring.

TMZ has learned that Mr. and Mrs. Hulkster have been fighting since June; the divorce filing were far from a surprise to anyone that knew the couple. In fact, sources say the pair even filmed part of their reality TV show while they were separated.

A Classic Pose

All for the camera: Looks like the love between Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan was as fake as Gemma Atkinson's boobs.

Does this mean Hogan Knows Best was as realistic as The Hills? We wonder if that could mean Brad Womack made the right decision, being fully aware any love formed on reality TV can never last.

Linda Hogan filed for divorce on Wednesday, but the papers don't give any specific reason for the filing.

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Linda Hogan is a hot MILF.


It is so sad about the Hulk and Linda Hogan . I hope they can work things out . With all the fame they still seemed like they where real . That they could work things out ,after all these years .
Debbie Monroe :)


it's a shame after all these years but the Hogans Know Best.


How sad, just another Hollywood let down:(


i hope they don't get divorce


Just to let you know. The blood was not fake. In the business, it's called getting juice or gigging yourself. You cut yourself with a piece of razor blade taped to your finger or hidden in your tights. He doesn't wear that do rag just to hide the fact that he has lost most of his hair. There are real scars under there. He truly loved Linda and I don't care if they discussed it or not, he probably never believed she would leave him.