Lake Bell, Alicia Silverstone Join Fight Against Dogfighting

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She may or may not be back together with her ex-boyfriend, NHL star Sean Avery, but Lake Bell is definitely uniting with other celebrities for a good cause.

Below, Lake Bell and Alicia Silverstone attend the premiere of BeKind Founder Frances Hayward'Â's anti-dog fighting PSA, starring Russell Simmons, in L.A.

Lake Bell and Alicia Silverstone: Pro-animals and moderately hot.

Somewhere, Michael Vick is shaking his head. It's always nice to see stars (and Lake Bell, for that matter) come out in support of good causes, and putting an end to dogfighting certainly qualifies as such. Thanks, ladies.

Interestingly, their C-list actress status and unification against the evils of dogfighting isn't all that Lake Bell and Alicia Silverstone have in common.

We saw Alicia Silverstone naked (the culmination of our fantasies from 1996) as part of a PETA campaign to help animals. Now, here's a pic of Lake Bell nude!

Lake Bell Nude

Lake Bell naked... in what appears to be a lake. Very symbolic.

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Ingrid Newkirk (Nutkirk), the president of PETA, is ON RECORD saying she would OPPOSE a cure for AIDS if animal testing were involved - so she'd rather see millions of humans die than see a few animals suffer! She's a misanthropic nutcase - and you people agree with her?


Love Lake Bell. She is gorgeous and seems smart. Too bad she has to be paired with that rude B*tch, Silverstone. What a wacko! Oh, and rude. She showed her poor upbringing on The (Psychotic) View.