Kim Kardashian: Good or Evil?

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There are two sides to Kim Kardashian. No, we don't mean nude and naked.

We're referring to good and evil. Naughty and nice. Sex tape star and innocent reality TV daughter.

Kim Kardashian Birthday Pic

Which do you prefer?

Sometimes, Kim Kardashian blows kisses. Sometimes, she gives us the finger and then blows... other things.

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i just cant stop watching your tv show i watch every time its on. i also cant stop looking at your playboy pictures i must have jerk off about 50 times looking at your photos you are so hot.


i also loved your playboy pictures i just wish you would have been more nude your body is so hot. i also think your sisters are hot and so is your mom she is a total milf.


I love these comments!! Was the tape Kim made that bad? Is it not worth watching?


Kim Kardashian negro/caffre lover...


This girls looks like the kind you find at a bar in Juarez about 4a.m. I watched her so-called sex tape with the black dude and I have to say that little session should do down in history as how not to have fun. As you would expect from looking at her, she is too dumb to even know how to enjoy herself. Sex has never been so totally without passion. How the black dude managed to stay involved with that for more than sixty seconds is beyond me. He could've had much more fun with a magazine.