Kellie Pickler Cries During Country Music Awards Performance: Sincere or Staged?

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We love Kellie Pickler, fake boobs and all.

And we feel terrible that her mother left when this American Idol finalist was a toddler. Still, didn't Pickler's tears during her performance on last night's Country Music Awards feel a bit forced? Maybe even staged?

She times her final sniffles pretty darn well, in accordance with the closing of her song, "I Wonder." It got us wondering. Check it out for yourself:


Was Kellie Pickler truly moved to tears? Or trying to steal some attention away from the night's big winner, Carrie Underwood? Tell us what you think!

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NOT FAKE TEARS - Kellie found herself full of emotion by re-living her past thru her song, a beautiful song at that, Kellie has found sucess and now her mother wants a piece of it, her mother did not have time for her when she was growing up, she should stay out of the picture, I would be proud to have a daughter like Kellie, I hope she will continue to keep her head up high and continue to make music, I think she is a beautiful singer and I wish her all the best.


Fake tears... seen at concert in June and pulled the same stunt.


Tears?? I just did not get it. Sincere or fake. Just made no sense. She really is not a good singer. Maybe that's why she felt the new boobs would help. There is a reason she lost on American Idol.


I don't think this was stage to take the glory aware from Underwood. Over the last few days Kellie's mother Cynthia Malone has given interviews to the press and this has upset Kellie. She has also been found to be living in North Carolina, bought tickets to see Kellie sing with Paisley either in Charlotte or Raleigh - the cops had her picture at each entrance in order to turn her away if she showed up. Kellie says that her mother is not being truthful about many things that happened in their lives - why would the woman go to the press and make everything public? Maybe she wants to get on the money train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!