Kellie Pickler Cries During Country Music Awards Performance: Sincere or Staged?

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We love Kellie Pickler, fake boobs and all.

And we feel terrible that her mother left when this American Idol finalist was a toddler. Still, didn't Pickler's tears during her performance on last night's Country Music Awards feel a bit forced? Maybe even staged?

She times her final sniffles pretty darn well, in accordance with the closing of her song, "I Wonder." It got us wondering. Check it out for yourself:


Was Kellie Pickler truly moved to tears? Or trying to steal some attention away from the night's big winner, Carrie Underwood? Tell us what you think!

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Definitely planned. Conveniently made it through the song before her "breakdown." Anyone truly upset by lyrics wouldn't have made it through the song. All those who watched American Idol remember how well she played up the "ditzy blonde" act throughout the show, she can put on an act very well. As the old saying goes ... Everyone's got to get attention some way.


If she was faking then she's the best actress since Meryl Streep and will have no problem making her new sit-com a huge success! I don't for one minute pretend to know this person but from all the stories I've seen, she's had it pretty rough and it seems at times her emotions get the best of her. I guess you'd call that what, oh I don't know, human! Oh by the way Doug, Proctologist is it? You're right she didn't win AI, didn't even make it to the finals, I believe, but all that means is she wasn't GIVEN a recording contract she had to EARN it.


You bottom feeder "gossip news" parasites are such low life cynics that you can't believe someone could really have true emotions about going from absolutely nothing to achieving their wildest dreams. You're so detached from any real emotions yourselves that you no longer believe they exist in anyone. Sad for you. (FYI--Sadness is an emotion.)


Those tears were NOT fake! I was there in the audience, close up...She struggled to keep hold of herself...her mother is saying that kelly's dad was abusing her and she had to leave...that means she left her baby with an abusive daddy...definitely something to be crying about.


There is a reason she lost on American Idol? So I guess we are to believe from that ridiculous comment that the only ones with any talent from the show were the winners. Somebody should inform Chris Daughtry before he sells another million. Fake tears? It is after all, entertainment.


I love her so leave her alone


Those were not faked. You could tell she was getting all worked up well before the end of the song. Give her a break. She had a most horrendus childhood and against all odds she is trying to make it and I give her credit for that. She could have well gone down another road entirely. I thought she sang very well last night too.


Anyone who thinks this young girl's tears were fake doesn't have a heart. You can see she is in a lot of pain that she tries to cover by her sense of humor.


All you people who think her tears were fake have no idea what you're talking about. A person who is truly artistic gets moved very easily. It's all creative energy and this song is extremely personal for her! Never mind the fact that she was performing in Nashville in front of her own Idols that she has looked up to her whole life. She's finally made it! What a humbling experience. She was overwhelmed in the moment and it was a raw and beautiful thing. Why do people feel the need to judge her? Get a life!


I can't see how anyone could say that was fake. She may have done the same thing in concert in June, but this young lady is in a lot of pain for what her mother has done to her. I can't fathom what it would be like to have your mother walk out on you as a toddler. All that I can say is if she was raised by her Grandfather he has done one hell of a job with her. Kelly has made it this long without her mother and is on her way to a very successful life. Keep a singing Kelli and if you ever come close enough to me in concert I'll be there to see you and cry along with you. I love you Kelli. Continue making your music and sing your heart out.