Kellie Pickler Cries During Country Music Awards Performance: Sincere or Staged?

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We love Kellie Pickler, fake boobs and all.

And we feel terrible that her mother left when this American Idol finalist was a toddler. Still, didn't Pickler's tears during her performance on last night's Country Music Awards feel a bit forced? Maybe even staged?

She times her final sniffles pretty darn well, in accordance with the closing of her song, "I Wonder." It got us wondering. Check it out for yourself:


Was Kellie Pickler truly moved to tears? Or trying to steal some attention away from the night's big winner, Carrie Underwood? Tell us what you think!

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those were NOT fake tears, i have no idea what kind of loser would say that. she is really full of emotion, i mean wouldnt you be if you were abandoned and 19 years later your mother comes back on the news and makes like shes a saint? and she was not at all trying to take carries spotlight, in albermarle, nc we just arent those kind of people.


CMA 2007Q? Who was gal who sang alone(Beautifully Too) Got standing ovation. camera didn't seem to pan in on her face too much. Appreciate a reply :)
Regards, San


Even though she has performed that song many times(crying) I think she was overwhelmed. SHE DID PERFORM ON EVERY ASPIRING COUNTRY ARTISTS DREAM...The CMA's is a big deal!! I'll admit, i DID NOT like Kelli on American Idol, but now, that she is an artist, i see her completely different. Proud of her for getting there without her mother! Way to go Pickler! You keep singing your song!


Don't judge someone till you have been in their shoes. I am a man and i tear up when i hear that song because the same thing happened to me. Sometimes you just want to know why. Keep singing Kellie you are great.


Who cares, it was a great performance. If they were fake, perhaps she has an acting career ahead of her.


She's real, If her cicumstances would have been different we may not have known kellie pickler as we now know her or maybe not at all, We all travel different roads to get to our destinations. finding forgiveness for her mother may be her best medicine yet, as her leaving her has put her in the spotlight through her emotions and causing her to become who she is today along with a great set of grandparents. keep on keeping on girl!


Oh I do not think she was faking it. Everyone's personality is different and if you sang he song from your heart and had her experience you would probably shed a tear. It is better to lose a mother/father then for them to be out there but ignoring you....and oh those years when you need a Mother to talk to. I think it is sad and I think it was for real so hadn't she heart enough without anyone saying it is fake. I wish she was my daughter and I would love to give her some of what she missed for I have 2 great sons. I would love a daughter though and she is a good one to have. Hats off to you Kellie you are going to make it big and without your Mother.


Tears or not... Who cares?!
This was after all the Country Music Awards... an ENTERTAINMENT show! Were you entertained? Were you moved? Did you enjoy the show?! Cuz I did! I watched this show because I love all the different genres of Country Music sharing one stage on one big night. This show is meant to be enjoyable... so enjoy and leave the girl alone. If she was moved to cry... then she is allowed to cry!
Personally, the show got me all revved up! I wanted more so I went over to
Lone Star 92.5 is a station I am working with and they play everything from country to classic rock with hardly any commercials. Give it a try. :)
Did you check it? What do you think?


People who say Kellie's tears are fake need to get a life! How can you be so ridiculous? She's been through tough times, and her emotions are very strong. They're real, people!


DO NOT judge a person unless you have walked in their shoes. Kellie is a very talented artist. It is pretty obvious there are still jealous people among us.