Kellie Pickler Cries During Country Music Awards Performance: Sincere or Staged?

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We love Kellie Pickler, fake boobs and all.

And we feel terrible that her mother left when this American Idol finalist was a toddler. Still, didn't Pickler's tears during her performance on last night's Country Music Awards feel a bit forced? Maybe even staged?

She times her final sniffles pretty darn well, in accordance with the closing of her song, "I Wonder." It got us wondering. Check it out for yourself:


Was Kellie Pickler truly moved to tears? Or trying to steal some attention away from the night's big winner, Carrie Underwood? Tell us what you think!

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I hardly think it is even neccessary to comment, but having more maturity (I'm actually nearly 89) and access to Pickler's earlier presentations, "Ole mountain Man" has a sense that takes experience, and not cheap shot comments based on people who have hardly experienced life. At my age and looking into Kelli's eyes, I have no doubt in my mind, she is a true and feeling young lady, this was NOT a staged presentation. Anyone who has suffered true loss of loved ones can only empathize with this young lady. Kellie, you have more going for you than any of the "nay sayers"!!


i think that she is truly crying from the heart. i love her so much, i look up to her. Even her brother was crying so it had to of be real.


kellie is just a person who has had a hard life and deserve all the fame she can get i do not believe that was a fake she has a lot of pain from what her mother did and she will be okay as she matures in her life and to make sure she will not do the same to her children. all the best to you kellie i adore you and have nothing but best wishes and much success.


poor thing. Kelly kind of annoyse me, i hear shes as blonde as her hair but this.......this right here, is real. Shes in pain and you know what? I think she looked very beautiful when she cried and i think that made it that much better. Its a sad song thats made up of truth sang by the person singing it out to others. You have to realize everytime she sings that song, she re-lives what she is singing about. Can you imagine that? When singers get up on stage, you expect a steady performance and its pretty much always that way. But when a singer gets up there and sheds tears over what they are singing about, it makes your heart feel things towards that person, and realize how much the song actually sings. She may be in an expensive red gown and have that superstar shine that us normal people dont have, but when she cries, you realise that shes human too. Shes got feelings too, just like the rest of us.


These tears are not fake. The best singers are those that take their experiences, put them into words and create a beautiful tune to compliment it. I am sure reality hit her. She was in front of all of her "idols" expressing the most deepest feelings to america about her shattered past. God Bless You, Kelli!


ANYONE who thinkz kellies tears were fake, are people whos life is out of order! you do NOT know what its like 2 have your momma leave u and not come back. leave the gal alone, shes VERY talented, and never did a thing 2 u so just shutup about it, please!!!!! shes wonderful, I LOVE YA GIRL, KEEP ON SINGIN!!!!


well, Kellie Pickler got on my nerves during the american idol season, but when i heard this, I automaticlly knew i was being 2 hard on her. I know love her though her lil thing about going 2 a spa scared me. I LOVE U KELLIE! HANG IN THERE!!!!!


I agree these tears are not fake!! I have had a parent walk out on me and the song made me cry. When she breaks down the song is reflecting forgivness and for anyone who has ever had to fight the struggles this young lady has you know that forgivness is the HARDEST thing to achieve. The pain of not having a mother will never leave her no matter how much money she makes or how famous she will become. Kellie you keep your head up.. i love the song!!


Tears were not fake!!!!! If you listened to the song she struggled all the way through it.


What a bunch of jerks! Unless you know what it is like to be without your own mothers as a child, then you have no right to judge her! Fake tears? Doubt it! And, not to mention, this was a big day for her... how many people get to preform at an award show like that?? Grow up!! I hope you don't teach your children these same qualities.