Kate Walsh is Pregnant ... with a Television Show

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This just in: Kate Walsh is pregnant (with a TV show)!

When Extra asked the recently married 40-year-old actress the inevitable "when are you having a baby" question, Kate Walsh replied:

Walsh, K.

"Right now, my baby is Private Practice... she is beautiful, strong, and growing every week," referring to her hit Grey's Anatomy spin-off series.

We might take issue with the first two parts of that description, but it's nice that Walsh is having a good time and feeling confident in her new show.

Extra then asked Kate Walsh if she was indeed pregnant, to which she joked: "I'm pregnant with triplets now and I feel really good!"

Kate Walsh married Alex Young, 35, a 20th Century Fox production executive, in September in Ojai, California. Walsh sat down with Extra on the Private Practice set and, for the record, denied being pregnant, explaining:

"Both of us are pretty much working constantly and seeing each other when we can... that's him, the pretty blond guy over there!"

So, looks like no babies on the way just yet for this striking former member of the Grey's Anatomy cast. But we're still big fans of Kate and wish her the best.

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