Julianne Hough is Totally Dating Kevin Connolly

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Julianne Hough is definitely dating Kevin Connolly. Don't listen to the season four Dancing with the Stars champion.

"We're just friends," Hough said to People when asked about this burgeoning romance.

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However, the 19-year old beauty admits her and the Entourage star "talk on the phone a lot," after having met a couple weeks ago at Hollywood hot spot, Hyde.

Connolly confirmed as much on Howard Stern's radio show yesterday. He admitted he's "actively pursuing" Hough and even went to see her perform at a Dancing with the Stars taping. The guy is smooth.

The actor says he considers Julianne "a 15" on his scale, a score that takes into account her flawless looks and infectious personality.

So is there really any doubt these two are an item? At least on some nights? They might as well go the Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas route, shouting about their love for all to hear.


he is differently hitting the school yards for dates this is for sure come on now man stop dating the pre schoolers already and find some one closer to your age man she is much to good for you but then again i seen a lot of younger celebs dating older guy much older i think it is amanda bynes that was dating some one that is 55 i mean come on now that would be like dating her dad that sick grandpa must of had to pop a little blue pill and wait 20 min i mean come on now amanda. well i suppose i cant really hate but its just fuck up is all


Can you say, "Stalker"!


She's much too pretty and young for him! What does he do, wait till school gets out to find a date!




Julianne let's not become another cheryl in the dating area just in winning for the 2nd time. you are too pretty for Kevin, you can do better. If he's already giving you expensive gifts whats he looking for in return, come on your smarter than that. Focus on your career and your family....


Kevin Connolly gave Julianne Hough a diamond ring and she is wearing it. But, she insists they are "just friends". Either she is a liar or a gold digger. In either case, Kevin Connolly should run while he can. If he gave her the ring before she made her comment, she is not very nice. If he gave it to her aftewards, she should not have accepted it. Julianne Hough is going to break poor Kevin Connolly's heart. Run Kevin Run!


Julianne Hough and Kevin Connolly are not dating now. But, trust me, this 19 year old basked in Kevin Connolly's attention and affection while it lasted. He's a genuinely nice, generous guy, with a lot to offer and she blew it.
Oh well... Julianne Hough is too young for Kevin Connolly anyway. Kevin should turn his attentions to a smart, good looking lady in her late 20s, instead of these young girls who don't appreciate a down to earth, generally good guy with a big heart.


Kevin Connolly went to see a taping of Dancing with the Stars. I wonder how he looked watching Julianne Hough. How a guy watches a girl says a lot.
I hope Kevin Connolly wasn't leering.
He is supposedly a really nice guy. I hope all this bad press doesn't ruin things for them.


I love Kevin Connnolly, but he really should be dating women closer to his age. I feel bad that he has such a complex that he thinks he can only score with younger woman .
Kevin Connolly is a sensitive, down to earth, adorable guy. He should be trying to find a smart, funny lady in her late twenties to spend some time with, rather than these young girls.
Kevin Connolly- if you read this - have some confidence in yourself and go after someone your own age.
A lot of women out here love you and thing your a cutie. Remember that!

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