Jordin Sparks Debut Album: On Sale Now!

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It's an exciting day for American Idol fans:

The debut album from season six champion, Jordin Sparks, has officially been released. It's aptly titled "Jordin Sparks" and has received solid reviews so far.

Jordin Sparks at the Grammys

Let us know if you purchase the CD and like it. And don't forget: Blake Lewis comes out with his first CD on December 4!

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i like your sinds so much!!!!!!!!!!!


I love her song no Air with Chris Brown Hottttttttttt...


hi,Im Isaac from Philippines and I really love Jordin Sparks she's my idol anyways I really don't believe what others saying bout her debut album for me it was very great unlike the cd of Blake Lewis I his debut was just a kinda stuff but unlike to Jordin's debut it's just super I really love all the songs especially TATTOO,ONE STEP AT A TIME,NO AIR and PERMANENT MONDAY coz Ireally like the lyrics and it,s beat hoping that we will still to continue supporing Jordin Sparjs debut Coz she's our idol by the way in here in Philippines her debut single was a super hit coz many people can relate on it so I love Jordin Sparks shes our idol please continue supporting her debut album coz I really know that this is a great stuff of her love you Jordin!♥♥♥Youre my idol please dont forget the cd....☺☺☺,,,,♥♥♥


I bought Jordin's cd the day it came out here (Canada) and havn't stopped listening to it since! This cd is more than I expected from her, and believe me I expected A LOT! Way to go Jordin!!


I love Jordin Sparks CD. It's really awsome. If anyone hasn't listend to it or previewed it on the Interent you should, because it's really great. It's really not bad at all as to what people have been saying in magazines. JORDIN SPARKS IS AWSOME. I LOVE YOU JORDIN!


Ok this is so weird, the first time I saw the photo I thought it was Sara Ramirez who plays Callie on Grey anatomy. Whatever, I had never seen Jordin Sparks before and well, I looked more photos of her and I think she doesnt look like her in this picture. Well, I dunno lol.Let me know what you think! Thanks!


I bought the CD at 9 a.m and I have literally listened to it all day! I love it. I think what of the most amazing parts of this cd is how diverse it's such
a nice blend of genres. This is truly one of the best cd's I've heard in a long time. Love it and love Jordin!