Joe Jonas is Okay!

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Joe Jonas, hot member of The Jonas Brothers, really gave the girls something to scream about when he fell onto broken glass at the American Music Awards last night.


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Jonas cut his hand when he tripped over an exploding-glass window prop at the start of the group's hit "SOS." He quickly recovered and finished the song to the squeals of young girls in L.A.'s Nokia Theater.

"Just a little blood, but, whatever, rock and roll," the tough rocker said of the crash.


ily ily ily ily i love you sooooo much joe im your #1 fan and i hope that 1day i can be Mrs. Jonas!!!!!!!! ily ily you have an amasing voice and from the youtube videos it looks like you have a PERFECT personality!!!! i love you inside and out! please e-mail me! and i will give you my #! ily!


omg. i like saw that on tv man. he is my true love. i am soooo happy he is okay. joe i love you like really. call me.. =] you know my number.


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