Jessie Cave: Pucker Up, Rupert Grint!

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Jessie Cave has been cast in the role of Lavendar Brown in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

And it sounds like Rupert Grint, who portrays Brown's boyfriend Ron Weasley, is pleased with the selection:

"I was involved with the Lavendar Brown audition and the whole Lavendar thing," the young actor recently said. "Her name's Jessie, and she is really cool, and it's going to be really funny."

Jessie Cave, we hope you enjoyed anonymity. A role in the next Harry Potter film should sky-rocket this young actress to stardom.

The 20-year old Cave is relatively unknown, having starred alongside Helen Mirren in Inkheart. She'll appear in a BBC drama called Summerhill next year.

The next Harry Potter movie is set to hit theaters November 21, 2008.

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Ok, I don't care if she's ugly or so on. But hey, she is white? What not like the character is, AND she's THW WORST acter I've ever seen! Ugh, couldnt they at leat find someone with a little talent?


I think jessie cave is wonderful for rupert grint. Even though I like Hermione/emma For rupert And hated jessie after she kissed rupert but I'll give her a chance.


Hey you guys, don't say rude things like that! Just because you are jealous doesn't mean you can go around saying such horrid things. I think Jessie cave is perfect for the role. She is very pretty and a good actress. Stop being jealous. This isn't a fantasy where you can star in all the movies with your fave actors. Get a life and stop critisising other people's lives. Go Jessie Cave!


She is so much ugly, and I have no more words than that..


wow!i have known jessie since i was 9 yrs old- her brother Ben was in my class. I think she is a pretty girl and just fantastic for the role in harry potter 6. Go Jess. And all the best. xx amina


i like her. Shes perfect in my mind. It does not say that lavender is black and ive seen some clips of her acting. She is really good.


i hate hate hate hate hate her hehehehe she is like reall old rupert grint must like older women anyway its not anything to be jealous about rupert grint hets uglier every movie


I definitley dont like lavender kissing ron, but lets just hope she does a great job. besides in the end hermione and ron end up together.YEAH!!


A lot of people don't like her, obviously because she's going to be making out with Rupert Grint during several parts of the sixth movie, but to say that she's awful and ugly is mean, because she isn't ugly, and even if you think she is, Rupert Grint doesn't because he said that he was a part of choosing the actress to play Lavendar Brown. And in the book there is no description of Lavendar Brown, so to say that she is not right for Lavendar doesn't make sense. I just hope her acting is good...


You have to realie that that's a horrible pic of her google it to find a better one, like this:

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