Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo: Set Up By Her Pimp

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Manager, wardrobe consultant, pimp - Crazy Joe Simpson wears many hats. It seems like the latter may be the most appropriate when it comes to Jessica.

If a report in the New York Post is to be believed, Jessica Simpson's hands-on dad delivered the (male) goods for his l'il girl, in the form of Tony Romo!

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson: Her pimp/father approves.

Apparently the star Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who has been pining for Jess for ages, can do no wrong in the mind of Joe Simpson, a huge fan of America's Team.

So when Tony Romo recently asked to take Jessica Simpson out for a drink, the patriarch was more than happy to oblige. In fact, it went so well between Jess and Tony that Romo came over to the Simpsons on Thanksgiving Day, for turkey and perhaps, a little stuffing. Sorry, that was crass. But too easy. Says a source:

"Jessica is happy. She's been texting everyone about how great [Tony Romo] is."

We're guessing she doesn't mean his throwing arm, if you know what we mean. All we have to say about this is that we feel sorry for poor Sophia Bush.


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well reading new Magazine news looks like jessica and tony are parting according to the storie about john mayer and her ,and tony haveing arguments on that issue.looks like its time for alsilicani
Hollywood Agent. will see what jessica wants and what comes out in the future


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