High School Musical Cast: All We Want for Christmas...

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In a recent interview with USA Today, multiple stars from High School Musical talked about their holiday wish list. Let's see what these young stars had to say....

Lucas Grabeel (pictured)
On his wish list: "A package of guitar picks. I'm always losing them."
A favorite holiday tradition: "I'm always in a different country for Christmas, so I'm always adapting to traditions abroad."
His hope for Ryan in High School Musical 3: "That he takes a break from dance steps. Maybe join the basketball team and shoot the winning goal. That would be fabulous."

Corbin Bleu
On his wish list: "New CDs. Dropkick Murphys and White Snake would be cool."
A favorite holiday tradition: "I'm half Italian, so we've got to make ricotta balls. They're ricotta, wrapped in a dough that's fried and covered in cinnamon sugar."
His hope for Chad in High School Musical 3: "He was saving up for his dream car last time, so I hope he gets a Mustang."

Monique Coleman
On her wish list: "I'm having a regifting party because of all the gifting suites we go to. You get cameras, iPods, hair products, so I'm going to invite everyone over to my house."
A favorite holiday tradition: "Grandmama's pumpkin pie."
Her hope for Taylor in High School Musical 3: "To travel the world with Chad."

Zac Efron
On his wish list: "I'm constantly breaking things, and I go through skateboards pretty fast. So a new Sector 9 Longboard would be nice."
A favorite holiday tradition: "I always help pick out a natural, chopped-down-in-the-woods tree, so our whole house starts to smell like Christmas."
His hope for Troy in High School Musical 3: "To win another basketball game â€" maybe even nationals."

Vanessa Hudgens
On her wish list: "My driver's license. I plan on taking my test really soon."
A favorite holiday tradition: "Putting up the Christmas tree together as a family. I love doing themes. This year is going to be gold and crystal."
Her hope for Gabriella in High School Musical 3: "We're all going to be seniors, so I hope she gets into a good college."

Ashley Tisdale
On her wish list: "Christian Louboutin heels."
A favorite holiday tradition: "My great-grandma has passed the tradition of Christmas cookies on to my grandma and my mom. The recipe is top secret."
Her hope for Sharpay in High School Musical 3: "To win prom queen. She didn't get the musical in the first one. She didn't get the guy in the sequel. She needs to be prom queen!"

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I love the movie! When it's over I would wacth it over and over again. I can not wait for High School Musical 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I watch HSM 1 and 2 all the time, but not on the "big screen", so it's going to be cool! and I'm number 1 fan! No offense!


i love hsm 1 and 2 and can NOT wait for 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!