Heidi Montag Fashion Line to Debut in Spring

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Man, we were just starting to think that the drama between Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad was dying down on The Hills. Just kidding. We so weren't.

In any case, Heidi has followed in the footsteps of her former BFF and come out with her very own clothing line! At a recent event for the clothing chain Anchor Blue in Los Angeles, Heidi confirmed her new project to People, saying:

"It's going to be called Heidiwood, and I'm so excited! It's going to be very price oriented. I want all my fans to be able to buy it. I want to bring that fashionable clothing line down to a price range where people can actually afford it."

Heidi Montag will debut her own clothing line next year.

Hmm. Could that be a shot at the Lauren Conrad fashion line, which features many items over $100? You can't help but read into everything she says.

And what does Heidi Montag expect from the line, which launches next spring, when compared to the line of clothing launched by her co-star on The Hills?

"I want to do some cute spring dresses, some little flowy summer dresses, some fun things for girls. The [Lauren Conrad] fashion line is more bows and a little girlier, mine's going to be more sexy and fun. I think they can both do well. They're very different. So good luck to her. I'm not doing this to compete."

Okay, well, we've got to give credit to H-Mont on being diplomatic there. But is there room in the land of The Hills for two fashion designers? You tell us.


I honestly think hedi has this one in the bag Lauren line is nice but its not everyday or an urban wear i stay in detroit mich and watch the hills faithfully and i can afford hedi its young sexy and urban with class good luck to both of the ladys


she is coping lauren
but i would buy it if came to the uk and was actually nice
i wish laurens clothes would come here aswell!


I think her line is going to launch world wide! Considering her price range! That is a smart bussiness woman start low give people a taste... Not everyone has the same style so keep your price standards reasonable for everyone to enjoy and exploit nation wide!


Boo hoo. All the people on here need to get lives. Who cares why Heidi is putting a clothing line out. At least she is marketing her clothes to be affordable. Lauren- her stuff is to expensive, shes a fashion student, not Dior or Chanel for crying out loud.


Even though Laurens line cost more I think her line could grow into something really huge. Hedi is so trying to compete and the whole"so my fans can wear it" mess is just so she can get more people to like her and not Lauren. Thousands of girls who actually went to design school would love to have their on line and would do their own work. Hedi is most likely going to pay people to design some mess for her. I dont care if Hedis line cost 3 times less than Laurens line will always be more classy and on point.


I really like Heidi much better than Lauren. Lauren is the one who is a Bitch. She stop talking to Heidi because she wanted to control her. Just becuse she didn't like Spencer. That is not a friend. Lauren should have supported Heidi in her decision to stay with Spencer and kept her mouth shut.


And by the way what kind of dumb ass name is HEIDIWOOD. I guess thats all her dumb ass could come up with.


I think Heidi is trying to get at Lauren and for one she dropped out of design school lauren didnt and lauren worked at teen vogue. Heidi needs to stick to her crappy singing career or get a real damn job. Heidi and spencer would be nothing if it wasnt for Laurens reality show.


I hate everything about that nasty, lying bitch. She is desperately seeking attention. It must be sad to have alot of peple hating her, and loving Lauren, who by the way I love, and respect. I know it must be very sad for Heidi to see Lauren's pictures every where, she's gorgeous and alot of people I'm sure can agree. Heidi is jealous, i would to if i saw my ex-best friend who i was being a bitch to get all the attention it must be burning her.


omg! are u serious? i wonder when she came up with this plan...hmmm i guess she's trying really hard to make it big. With all the singing and everything.


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