Fans of The Bachelor Pissed at Brad Womack No-Decision

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As we reported last week, Mary Delgado beat the crap out of Byron Velvick. This season's finale of The Bachelor made fans want to do the same to its current star, Brad Womack, as well as ABC for blatantly misleading them.

ABC's promotional push for last Monday's season finale of The Bachelor has some viewers feeling they were duped hard, the N.Y. Daily News reports.

ABC promoted The Bachelor all week using a clip in which Brad Womack said he found the one. The clip was accompanied by the sound of a woman crying.

Based on the promo, die-hard viewers of the long-running series expected Brad found true love, or at least the reality TV show equivalent of it.

What they got was anything but.

After a week-long blitz of promos promising the "most shocking" rose ceremony in history, and a season of interviews in which Brad Womack himself proclaimed to be "very happy" with the outcome, and even clips of Womack picking out a freaking engagement ring, the 11th bachelor and ABC pulled a fast one.

He chose neither DeAnna Pappas or Jenni Croft.

Brad Womack Contemplates

Viewers felt like they were left at the altar by Brad Womack.

"I have been watching The Bachelor series from the very beginning ... but this is IT FOR ME!" wrote a frustrated fan on the show's message board.

"I cannot believe that ABC would air a program that ended this way when it was clearly nothing but lies and manipulation on Brad's part."

Hell hath no fury like a viewer scorned.

"I guess we got wrapped up in the fairy tale of it. Many of us used The Bachelor to believe," wrote another fan. "Unfortunately ... now none of us will believe again. Thanks, ABC, for breaking our hearts! Too bad Brad was the bachelor to do it."

Womack's blunder means, no insane, desperate woman on The Bachelor has ever married her man. Shocking. An ABC spokeswoman had no comment.


It was so obvious that Brad had the hots for Bettina but really, she did not come across as very bright along with lack of any form of verbal communication. What degree did she even receive and why did she divorce her first husband? She had the body but that was about it. I don't believe Brad came on the show for love and marriage-PR for his bars and a hot vacation with a lot of girls.


I think its just dumb that Byron stayed with Mary.... I fell in love with him by watching him on the Bachelor and to me if she hit him once then it will happen again and they are doomed for failure.... I noticed they weren't on the show this year as a couple that made itso I am wondering if they are still together??
Hopefully she's not still abusing him....


i was also dissapointed and i will not watch a Bachelor Series again because Brad made this looked like a joke i waitied a long time to post this comment because it took alot of courage for me to tell him this ...u do not deserve anyone


I agree with you Sheila! You can't make yourself fall in love, especially when you only have a month or two to do it. The show does not guarantee the viewer that the bachelor or bachelorette WILL definitely get engaged or married from it, it's just something that could happen if it works out. I was surprised at the outcome, but I think it's ridiculous that people are so upset that he didn't choose one and get engaged, this is his real life, marriage is a serious thing, and shouldn't just be played up because there is a TV show surrounding it... Also, I think Deanna was just a spoiled little brat who went on the show to win him, as if she was in a contest. She was mostly upset because she was rejected and did not win him, but that's life! I loved Jenni, and thought she was genuine and a great girl, but life happens, not always the way you planned, you just have to move on.


I do believe in lust at first site, not love, that takes some time to develope. When I met my future husband, I told all my friends, I will marry that man some day. They were all shocked when I did, I could not even remember his last name, I just knew, Still can't explain it, yet we have been married over 20 years.


I watched Brad each and every week and thought he was so genuine. I could hardly wait from one episode to the next. Needlesstosay, when he did not pick either Deanna or Jenny, I was in total and complete shock. He should win an Emmy for his performance that led alot of people to think he was sincere. I cannot stand the sight of him now for deceiving his fans and the final two. I will never watch a Bachelor Series again, not ever!


First of all, look at this hunk (Brad) I asked the question in the very beginning, why? Why would this hunk be on the show looking for a women!. It did not shock me that he dumped both women, because his cause was not to find a wife, but to get out there for entertainment. He does look as good as Brad Pitt, don't you think? I could see him as an actor. He did play his part very well. Still, I am done with the show.


Applause to Brad, if it wasn't there it wasn't there. FINALLY, someone had the kahona's...I'm sure he felt pressure to pick one, buy a ring, all that good stuff...and he did pick a ring...and in the end he did the right and noble thing. I think to have chosen one would be to have been leading them on. It wasn't what he was looking wasn't the butterflies in the stomache, can't eat can't sleep can't quit thinking about the "one" kinda feeling...maybe that's what he wants and it wasn't there. Why should he have had to settle for anything less than he wanted. America wanted a fairy tale romance, they finally wanted one to last, other than trista and ryan, and it didn't happen. Now we won't have to hear reports in a week or two that their engagement if off...Kudo's to you are my hero...I'm getting married in June and I have single professional friends...we'd love ya in the circle! You have friends in Louisville KY!

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