Diddy and Kim Porter: Just Like Old Times

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No, our headline isn't implying that Diddy and Kim Porter are having children out of wedlock again.

But the music mogul's baby mama did show up for his 38th birthday party this week in Miami, looking rather pleased to be there. We wonder if Sarah Chapman was also invited.

Diddy on Stage

When it comes to getting along with an ex in a mature, friendly manner, who would have thought the best role models would be Diddy and Porter, and Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson?

We hope Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are paying attention.


It continues to amaze me how this "Boy" can sell anything! It's all he can do to speak English! How any woman could be associated with him or K west is pathetic! One of his earlier songs he says - " If I could hear Half yo Breath" WTF is that! Celebrity Thugs! What a Pathetic Symbol for Youth!


It is a pity to see a beautiful woman like Kim Porter waste so much of her life on something that was obviously not going anywhere. According to her, she knows he is trying to be the best in his field but yet does not put the same zeal into his relationships and family life yet she continues to have children by him. You wonder if she is not caught up in this celebrity life style than the interest of herself and children. Publicly humiliated her when he left her for JLo then other women and subsequently having kids by them but still she hangs on .............leaves for a bit and returns like the lost sheep. So sad indeed.


Now that is a wonderful thing. I Love to see the two getting long just fine. I love the two of them. Best wishes to the both of them. One thing about Sean Combs, he is a man of CLASS!


Kim Porter is a very sad woman. She continuously short changes herself and deluding herself if she thinks Sean is ever going to change. He is who he is.


They are like a pack of dogs. All screwing each other, continually smelling each other's asses.

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The concert changed my life. I was so impressed and inspired. I fell in love with hip hop again.

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I think that it's important for me to mature and evolve as an artist... I'm trying to get my Black Bruce Willis on.