Cover of Blake Lewis Album Released

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For fans of Blake Lewis, the countdown is almost over.

The debut album from this American Idol runner-up is set to hit stores on December 4.

We'll post more about the CD as that date grows closer. For now, take a look at the cover for "Audio Day Dream."

Will the debut of Blake Lewis sell more copies than the latest CD from Britney Spears? Only time - and album sales - will tell.


I love how almost all the pleope commenting think there music critics or judges from that gay ass show american idol when I guarantee half if them don't have any musical talent in there entire bodyYea they do need to turn up the vocals a bit but god damn give them a break they recorded there first album in a damn closetAnd it's on iTunes and its there very first music video there experimenting with different stuff so yea some of their stuff isn't gonna be as good as some other bands like ad


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