Britney Spears: The Best Driver Ever

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You'd think being able to see would be critical to one's ability to drive once the sun has gone down, but you'd also think a lot of things a certain train wreck wouldn't necessarily agree with. This picture of Britney Spears speaks for itself. 

Where the Heck Am I Right Now?

Britney Spears wears sunglasses in the dark as Sean Preston Federline sleeps, blissfully unaware of the mortal danger he faces every day of his life.

Hopefully Britney Spears did not hit anyone from any celebrity photo agencies at the time this picture was taken. We suggest she just let the court appointed monitor drive next time. Or Jayden James. He'd probably be better at driving.


i totally agree with the two comments above me. she needs a break. seriously; poor girl. everyone looks at her and judges her every single day of their lives... yet you forget to look at the damn mirror to realize your not too perfect either. making other people feel like "sh*t" really doesnt make you feel better about your life. (even if you think it does). all this is literally driving her nutts... give her a darn break!


I think that this poor frickin girl should be left alone to try to get her head back on straight. Think of what she goes through in a day. She can't even take her kids to McD's without her car being attacked by the friggin media. Give her some space and let her try to live like a human, not the side show freak you are all making her out to be. The kids are adorable, they deserve some chance at a real life.


well she ;ooks so bad know i think she needs to go back to rehab


i uae to liek he alot but she has turned into a little slute i think she use to be so kool know she looks so bad she needs to learndt how to drive


Ever notice how the kids are usually sleeping in the pictures of her driving? I wonder if she drugs them before she takes them out to keep them from screaming "HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLP US!!!! PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!!" out of the windows...

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