Britney Spears Sued By Former Manager Johnny Wright; Singer's Financial Information Released

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Britney Spears' attorneys sure are busy these days.The latest in a long line of legal woes for the "singer" came Thursday as a lawsuit was filed against her by former manager Johnny Wright.Britney Spears and Johnny Wright parted ways in 2003. The manager claims she contractually owes him commissions for deals negotiated on her behalf through February 2008. According to Wright, Brit stopped paying in December 2006.

Britney Spears: Sued yet again. Nothing new here.

"I have a great deal of affection and empathy for her. As you know, I was a part of her career from the early days," Wright said. "But a contractual disagreement can unfortunately only be resolved in the courts, despite my wishes!"Britney Spears later sacked Wright's replacement, Larry Rudolph.Meanwhile, financial details in the ongoing custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were unsealed Thursday... and are eye-opening.According to papers submitted to the courts by Britney Spears:

  • She earns $737,000 a month.
  • She spends an average of $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacations; $16,000 on clothes; $4,758 on dining; and $2,500 on phone bills a month. She spends $49,267 on mortgage payments.
  • She gives $500 a month to her charity, the Britney Spears Foundation.

Her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, meanwhile:

  • Earned more than half a million in 2006 (mostly from endorsement deals), but only grossed $7,436 after business expenses.
  • Receives $15,000 a month in child support from Spears. He could get more if he receives permanent custody of sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.
  • rossed a staggering $3,330 in royalties from his 2006 debut track "Popozao." Talk about raking in the big bucks.
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Out of all that money she spends...she can only give 500 to her own [2] Wow, I'm REALLY disappointed now.
I never gave a damn about what people said about her.
I only thought she needed maturity, 'cos she still got none.
But the fact that she gives only $500 to her own charity is something that she should be ashamed. She obviously opened the charity only for self-promotion purposes.


If everyone would give the girl 5 minutes of peace, maybe she could get herself together. The most important thing in her life are her children. Seriously, one month of no one calling her wanting something, no one chasing her, no one peeking in the window while she tries to use the restroom, no one asking her for money, no one asking her for a picture, no one asking her for anything, no one critizing her every move. Let her be a mother like the rest of us. We all make mistakes. Thank the lord my mistkes and bad root hair days haven't been spread across every tabloid in the grocery store....ugh! Bless you Britney. Tell all the losers to take a hike! You don't need them! You are a strong person. You are a good person and a good mother. Hang in there sweetheart.
Your Friend,


Out of all that money she spends...she can only give 500 to her own