Brad Womack Rejects Both DeAnna Pappas, Jenni Croft

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For Jenni Croft, it was not meant to be.

For DeAnna Pappas, it was not meant to be, either.

Brad Womack threw viewers a curveball last night as The Bachelor star did not give a final rose to either of his remaining ladies - Jenni Croft or DeAnna Pappas - during the season finale. His decision left both in tears.

"The fact that he didn't pick either one of us is harder to deal with," said DeAnna Pappas, a 25-year-old realtor and bartender from Neunan, Ga., who was rejected after Brad Womack had sent Jenni Croft packing.

"This is one of the worst feelings in the world... telling someone how you feel about them and they kind of just reject your feelings," Jenni Croft, a 27-year-old Phoenix Suns cheerleader hailing from Wichita, Ks., said. "[That's] the reason why it's so hard for me to tell people how I feel."

Brad Womack Sits Alone

Brad Womack sits alone with the final rose, having chosen to dole it out.

After both girls had gone and met Brad Womack's family, Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas each had one more chance to impress Brad during a final set of solo dates. Then it was time for the big showdown ... who would it be?

Neither. Brad Womack said that he could see both DeAnna Pappas (left) and Jenni Croft (right) being his wife and found himself in quite a quandary. In the end, he found a unique and historic way out of this jam.

ABC will air a special The Bachelor: After the Final Rose episode in which Brad will explain his move and Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas get a shot at some additional answers from Mr. Womack on Tuesday, November 20. Should be hot.

Hopefully Brad Womack gets his ass beaten with a sock full of quarters by both of these vengeful ladies. Now that would be a surprise twist.

Take a look at how last night unfolded, from the family visits to the final rose ceremony, read our comprehensive episode guide to The Bachelor ...


Kathy Pomery is right - it's a REALITY show, and Brad choked. It's OK not proposing, but the fatal mistake was to not give one of them the last rose & date her out of the artificial TV show. I am a bachelor, and I know how hard it is to find someone that is a great match in all areas: emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically. There's lots of great women out there, but to find one that's great FOR YOU is tough. Brad, I understand the fear, but you choked, Buddy. You should spend time with the one that was closest & see where it goes. Good thing I didn't watch all season! (So what did Bettina's family say, anyway?)


What a JERK! and what a waste of how many weeks of my time. ABC you should have pulled this season...I am with Deanna & Jenni, I can not understand how he could lead them on like that...He had us all fooled...maybe he should go into acting instead of the bar business. Bettina's dad had him pegged! I was so crushed for both them... I am betting that he will wimp/coward his way out tonight...


All I can say is WHAT A JERK!! I agree with Deanna in what she said wholeheartedly!! He lead these girls on to the very end and broke their hearts with no remorse. It's like his whole persona changed in the end and he became this heartless man. They deserve better and they will find wont be hard to do that's for sure!


Well - this is called a REALITY show. Reality is, some men quite simply prefer being bachelors, being able to continue their thrill of the hunt. How fine that Brad realized this about himself, before commiting holy matrimony. It would appear Bettina's erudite family was spot-on about Bachelor Brad.


I just saw on the ABC website that someone said that he will propose tonight. What does everyone think. They are saying that if you go back and watch it and see him crying that he got cold feet. I don't think this will happen and don't understand why either girl would say yes now. I think if he got cold feet then he would say it. He had no good reason last night for what he did. I will watch tonight just to see if he speaks to why, but I don't think I will ever watch this show again.


I think he is going to say he chose neither Deanna or Jenni BECAUSE he realized Sheena is the one for him. Wouldn't that be a twist?


I had no words after last nights fiasco. I feel like so many others that it was all a waste of time watching this whole season. I did like Brad and his family. I would like to hear what his mother thinks now. He was so insincere. There is no way that he felt what he said he did. To do that to those two wonderful women was shameful. Just fess up Brad. Why couldn't you have told them that you couldn't choose and that you needed time. Like others have said I think he is a jerk and just wanted to have a good time with all these women. Talk about a user and a loser. I will never watch this show again unless ABC puts out some type of statement that this type of thing will not happen to two nice girls like Jenni and DeAnna. Shame on you Brad Womack


I think that was the worse possible ending. He hurt those two girls and toyed with their emotions. I am so disappointed in his decision. So much for his sincerity.


WOW.... Thats all I can say. WOW... I did not see this coming. I have watched faithfully like so many others thnking that this Bachelor was completely sincere about the feelings he was bestowing upon both of these girls. Honestly, I think Brad was looking for the spot light. I think he was never out to actually find the right women but get face time for his business. Good job Brad. I hope you have a wonderful life alone with your BAR. Its just too bad you had to hurt so many women in the mean time. This was the first Bachelor show that I have seen with some women actually being themselves. ABC - you just lost another loyal viewer. KUDOS.


Bad move from ABC, junky program, waist of time to watch. What a stupid move ; monday after monday waisting the viewres time for a a fiasco conclusion.
Bravo ABC there you go down in the drain!

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