Brad Womack Rejects Both DeAnna Pappas, Jenni Croft

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For Jenni Croft, it was not meant to be.

For DeAnna Pappas, it was not meant to be, either.

Brad Womack threw viewers a curveball last night as The Bachelor star did not give a final rose to either of his remaining ladies - Jenni Croft or DeAnna Pappas - during the season finale. His decision left both in tears.

"The fact that he didn't pick either one of us is harder to deal with," said DeAnna Pappas, a 25-year-old realtor and bartender from Neunan, Ga., who was rejected after Brad Womack had sent Jenni Croft packing.

"This is one of the worst feelings in the world... telling someone how you feel about them and they kind of just reject your feelings," Jenni Croft, a 27-year-old Phoenix Suns cheerleader hailing from Wichita, Ks., said. "[That's] the reason why it's so hard for me to tell people how I feel."

Brad Womack Sits Alone

Brad Womack sits alone with the final rose, having chosen to dole it out.

After both girls had gone and met Brad Womack's family, Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas each had one more chance to impress Brad during a final set of solo dates. Then it was time for the big showdown ... who would it be?

Neither. Brad Womack said that he could see both DeAnna Pappas (left) and Jenni Croft (right) being his wife and found himself in quite a quandary. In the end, he found a unique and historic way out of this jam.

ABC will air a special The Bachelor: After the Final Rose episode in which Brad will explain his move and Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas get a shot at some additional answers from Mr. Womack on Tuesday, November 20. Should be hot.

Hopefully Brad Womack gets his ass beaten with a sock full of quarters by both of these vengeful ladies. Now that would be a surprise twist.

Take a look at how last night unfolded, from the family visits to the final rose ceremony, read our comprehensive episode guide to The Bachelor ...




To HOLLY's comment - pretty strong words about people who watch the show from someone who took their time to find this website, make a comment, and then rip on other viewers! Classy Move!


Talk about a bar owner TOOL BAG! Clearly this guy has a problem with commitment or is still in love with his ex that he was rumored to be sending texts and flowers to. DeAnna is way too classy for him anyhoo! She dosen't need a bar owner skeez who will work late nights and never be around. Nobody should be forced to marry someone they aren't sure about, but don't lead that person on. Tv or not... they have time off the camera - be honest! Brad is clearly still in love with someone from his past - if he wasn't why would he say all those sweet things about DeAnna and how much he cares etc., but have no intentions of trying the relationship out. No wonder he is still single!


What a HOAX! Shame on you Brad! I think he is just a playboy looking for a one night stand...which he got in Cabo. Check out one of his bars website...chuggin monkey...I think that will give everyone an idea of what kind of man he is. I know it hurts the ladies...but I hope they are thankful that it ended when it did..rather than invest more time and feelings into a relationship with someone who is a professed bachelor. He made a joke out of ABC and The Bachelor.


While the ending was disappointing, it appeared Brad's goodbye to Jenni was a bit more believeable. The interaction with DeAnna seemed very "staged" and choreographed with bad acting on Brad's part. After the conversation about the toilet seat as well as how laundry and dishes being done the way DeAnna wants them done, any man would have been scared away. While DeAnna is a beautiful woman and probably quite sincere, her interview in the limo in which they had to beep her reaction may have been a true indicator of her temper. I too am shocked that ABC allowed such an ending. I certainly hope they have a surprise up their sleeve tonight!!


Calling a man a jerk for not giving a ring to a women he is not fully in love with is probally the smartest thing I've seen yet. Would any of you women want a man to purpose to you because he felt he HAD to? There's too many women out there that are obsessed with the "idea" of marriage but have no clue what marriage is really about. Let his bars get more attention and let yourself believe it was a publicity stunt...why do you really care? You are the one that sat down every week to watch a stupid reality show and really let it effect your views on another person. Hive five to Brad for not giving a S*** what you people might or might not think about him. Carry on!!!!


I think Brad realized that his true inner feelings for men were stronger then for Jenni or D.
I think he ran off with one of the camera men.


A friend's brother lives next to DeAnna's family. She was never in it for love...her AGENT told her to audtition for the show, she is a wanna be model. Rumor is that Brad's ex-gf is pregnant with his baby and he found out during the show and went back to her after it.
I believe Jenni was genuine....naive and a simpleton...but genuine.


Knowing Brad growing up...this even shocks me!! I was waiting to see him make the plunge and see him happy and in love...but that didnt happen and it makes me sooo sad the he is afraid to commit and give his heart to someone that he obviously has deep feelings for. I'm sorry I wasted my time watching the show for this crap!!


I don't know how people cannot be disappointed with last nights show, I understand that he didn't want to make an error in choosing someone he may not love or want to continue on a relationship with. However do you beleive that Brad was thinking about all of this on his one on one dates. 3 Wonderful women that probaly trusted this guy and ended up broken hearted and feeling cheap.

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