Brad Womack Hears From the Women He Rejected

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The women tell all, and they don't hold back. The Bachelor's penultimate episode was, as usual, dedicated to the special in which the gaggle of rejected babes get to ask questions and go off on Brad Womack. Standard operating procedure.

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We relived some of the most memorable moments this season with the ladies who didn't quite make the grade. In addition to rehashing their departures and some of their epic meltdowns, the women then placed their bets on whether Jenni Croft or DeAnna Pappas would win Brad Womack's heart on next week's finale.

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If he didn't want to choose either one of them, he could have at least told them in a more kind and educated way but his lack of verbal conversing made him look like a fool. I strongly believe regardless of what he said during the show that he had no intention of ever marrying anyone but what the heck. Good advertisement for his business and a fun time had by all with all the trimmings.


Your right he's a closet homo!!!! Who took the money and run just like Steve Miller band!!! What a FAG!!! Closet HOMO FOR SURE!!! heres his cell number 512-666-9111


I think Brad is the biggest phoney and a jerk . He just likes to hear himself talk, especially all those comments about how much he cared for Deanna and thought about her everyday, yeah right..she's so much better off without this loser, he could have very easily at least tried to see if the relationship could go further, but maybe his girlfriend back home was tired of waiting. I think he mislead all of us and that's what is so disappointing.


Pam.. How could he quit ....He never even He's input sucked. He could of dated one of them just to see how things end up..No marriage commitment. But he chose to walk away totally and said he thinks of the girls every day ...well that is not normal...Pam.... It really makes sense if you seen the whole show and the way he acted ...A total JOKE..He's a pig when it comes to woman...


Barb, grow up! It goes to show exactly how unstable marriages are now a days when they commit at the alter and then change their minds when the going gets a little tough. It's better to quit ahead of time when you realize the outcome can be nothing more than friendship, and this is what he had with both. One was NOT better than the other in his eyes. He needed the ultimate one to "stand out" as such. The girls are the ones that really put themselves on display by even going onto a show such as this. The real competition is with each and every one of the girls, but against each other. Can't you see that all of the past bachelors have also been non commital and have let their chosen one down after the show. They strung them out even longer, but of course that made for good TV and publicity long after the show. Bravo for Mary (and I believe he was a Brad also) and Trista & Ryan who were mature enough to pick wisely and with a true meaning of commitment.


PAM...You really are missing the point. Get with the program he never wanted to hook up with anyone.It was obvious.The only thing he said was he never fell in love....Well LOVE lol He sure was into all the woman and if I was his gf ...The one thats waited for him...I'd run and never look I think he has a very cold heart and he will screw you around someday as that's his personality...I'd guess he's not very educated..


Brad did the right thing. If he didn't feel anything then he shouldn't of tried to marry eithe of them. I've dated alot of people and it doesn't matter if you date 2 or 25 peopl, if you don't feel it-you don't feel it. I say Brad is a good man for being honest with himself and those girls. Brad-if you ever want to come to maine let me know.


this was the worst bachelor ever aired. too many lies were told to these girls. he definitely lead them on. who wants somebody wishy-washy. he does not seem to have stability. both girls were great i cant see him doing on bit better. his lose !
nobody likes this kind of was very disappointing. if any girl is interested in him now something is not right. they are asking for hurt!!!


Jenni's grandma just died and he did not say sorry on the last day of the bachelor (after the final rose) I think that is just mean.


HELLO ITS TV..... Why would these REAL women look for a REAL love on TV.... I really think Brad had his hopes on finding his true love, but in the end he came to his mind, and doesnt want the world to be in his love life. This woman will find their true love just not on TV.

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