Brad Womack Comments on Spurning Jenni, DeAnna

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In the dramatic, now-infamous final rose ceremony on the November 19 season finale of The Bachelor, Texas bar owner Brad Womack made reality TV history when he said goodbye to both the show's finalists.

Both real estate agent DeAnna Pappas and Phoenix Suns dancer Jenni Croft were stunned - along with millions of The Bachelor viewers at home.

Brad Womack gave some vague explanations in a special after-show, but now, he is telling Us Weekly the real reason he let both lovely ladies go.

"DeAnna and I had something that's pretty special. But I did not see this crazy love that would turn into a lifetime," says Brad Womack, who is still single.

"I'm still looking for the same things that I said all along â€" a best friend, a life-long partner and someone to fall madly in love with."

Brad Womack: The Bachelor

Brad Womack says honesty was his policy with Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas.

"I just didn't want to lead anybody on," the hunk maintains. "I was very honest with both of the ladies about that."

Brad Womack went on to talk about what he thinks about his still-single status - and respond to swirling rumors that he is actually gay.

He had no comment on the speculation that he was most smitten with a third contestant, Bettina Bell, but was turned off by a bad hometown visit.


He is hot. He does not need luck. You can come to Iowa. I will love you.


seriously the guy is a player... poor girls... worse, he slept with the 3 of them..


Maybe if they didn't rush into the bedroom and slept with him so fast knowing that he already slept with the other ladies of the show and had a little more self respect for them selfs. I think he might of picked one of them. They should have waited the show was on only a couple of months.


I commend Brad for his honesty, good luck and may you truly find the happiness that you need...


? are you watching the bachelorette show now with DeAnna Pappas and if so how do feel about her now? ? are you gay. not that it realy matter's


Ok people its just a tv show...the people on these shows are there for money...if they are honest...Hopefully you will find what you are looking for someday Brad...just hope you don't go for Bettina or whatever her name was...she seemed so phony. Best of luck.

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