Bettina Bell: The Reason For Brad Womack's Meltdown?

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We've talked at length about Brad Womack and his shocking rejection of both Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas on the season finale of The Bachelor.

We've been searching far and wide for reasons, for possible insights into the mind of Brad Womack. Now an insider has shed new light on the matter.

According to TV expert Kristin Veitch of E! Online, the real reason behind Brad Womack's stunning, unexpected decision to choose neither Jenni Croft or DeAnna Pappas in the season finale was, in reality, neither Jenni nor DeAnna.

Turns out, the reason may have been the girl he really had fallen for on the show, who had fallen out of the running a week earlier. Her name? Bettina Bell.

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Says a rock-solid source: "Brad was really into [Bettina Bell], who made it to the final four. But when he went to visit her parents, Bettina's father was so awful to him, Brad knew it wouldn't work. So, he was just sort of over the whole thing."

Brad Womack visited Bettina's childhood home in the sixth episode of the season and Bell's father apparently sealed his daughter's fate when he stated he was "disappointed" by Brad's lack of a college degree and his career choice.

Sure, a smitten guy might look past that, but this is reality TV, people. Brad had, of course, only known Bettina Bell for a few weeks, and being humiliated on national TV is not exactly the makings of a long-lasting family bond.

So does this make Brad Womack's actions better or worse?

Obviously it still hurts for DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft, who had their hearts ripped out, and for viewers, who felt like they got robbed like Kim Kardashian at the airport. But this new info sure casts a different light on Womack's blunder.


After 3 years, this piece of info is somewhat enlightening. I hated Brad for not picking anyone in the show. It really turned he was just leading the girls on. I was for Bettina the whole time and was crushed when she was let go. I was also upset with Bettina's Dad's unfair and self-righteous judgment on Brad. In my experience, college degrees are highly over-rated. Not everyone who has them are extremely successful. I am more impressed by the likes of Brad who became successful by relying on their raw talent and intelligence. This bachelor edition is just disappointing. If Brad really wanted Bettina, why doesn't he fight for him? And vice versa. That's my only question.


G'day all ------------ Brad should of joined the show "Tool Academy" for letting go of Bettina Bell, she is a babe. P.S .. Bettina Needs to be with a 40 year old mature bloke .. lol


Perfect work!


I don't have a college degree as my father died when I was young. When I married, we opened our own business and I didn't need a college degree to do it and we had it for over 20 yrs and I did all the paper work.


He's was better off picking Jenni,end of story


I don't believe it for a second. She was so fake and he knew it. He was never going to pick her in the end, he is not that superficial. Kudos to him for not leading one of those poor girls on past the show like every other bachelor in history did (besides one) just to break her heart a few weeks later. On the other hand, at least her heart wouldn't have been broken by "the perfect guy" as time would have told. I love him and what he did. He truly tried his best up until the end to pick one, but if the decision is that hard, then probably neither one is right. He is the best bachelor in history because he didn't allow reality tv to give him a head trip, he did what he thought was right. I do however wish that the final girl had the chance to see for herself in the real world why they weren't perfect for eachother. That would have been ideal.


Why should Brad choose one of the two last girls if he actually was falling for Bettina? He was still into Bettina during the Women Tell All episode actually, he was still being defensive there when they were discussing Bettina's hometown date- and you could tell he still cared. That relationship couldn't really work though because she hurt his ego when she said she's not good on paper either, implying that she agrees with her parents that Brad isn't good on paper. That was what Brad could not get past apparently- Bettina not considering him accomplished.


I think Brad Womack is a "jerk". If he liked Bettina, why did he let her go. Obviously he also was into the final two or he would not have told them he had feelings for them and led them on...OH, wait, he did lie to them and lead them on...what a JERK...Just as usual. A man wants what he can't have and Bettina's parents made it clear that he was not their kind of man. That little episode made Brad want her more. So why did he keep leading the final two on...they were sweet sweet girls...Just be honest with them. Don't say, oh, i can see myself with you forever and on and on...Big Fat JERK...Brad Womack..You could have at least spent more time with the girls. NOt just dump them altogether..Who knows, you may have forgot about Bettina, who you wanted probably only because her parents DID NOT want you in her life...She was kinda rude also..just like her parents...Who would want that kind of wife??


Just pick somebody!


Brad's "blunder"? I think an even bigger blunder would be to propose to one of these girls and then end up breaking up just like the rest of them have done. You can't force love. Kudo's to Brad for not caving to the pressure.

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