Audrina Patridge, Justin "Bobby" Brescia Break Up

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After countless heart-to-hearts with her friends, like Lauren Conrad (on and off camera), The Hills' Audrina Patridge has officially told her douchebag scruffy, motorcycle riding boyfriend, Justin "Bobby" Brescia, to hit the road.

Audrina told Us Weekly in its new issue that it took an embarrassing public blowout at a club for her to realize Justin Brescia was not Mr. Right.

Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera

"I caught him doing something he shouldn't have been doing and it was just the last straw," Audrina Patridge says of her October 16 fight at Opera.

What, exactly, was Justin-Bobby up to?

A source says he was "making out with a red-headed girl right in front of Audrina, and when she confronted him about it he laughed in her face."

Audrina Patridge said of the fight with Justin-Bobby Brescia at Opera, "It was one of the hardest nights ever I've had to deal with. And it was on camera too."

Patridge admits that she and Justin Brescia, whom she met before she was on The Hills, never were dating exclusively. But he had been pushing it.

"I don't feel like he's giving at all," Audrina said. "I'm always there for him no matter what, and sometimes I don't feel like it's mutual."

A source close to The Hills star is more blunt: "Whenever they'd go out, he'd ignore her. He would never return her calls, never ask her on dates."

He was, however, happy to show up when the cameras were around. He's like a less interesting, less loyal, scraggly-ass version of Spencer Pratt!


Audrina and Justin Bobby were at Les Deux together (no other Hills cast members) on Dec. 12 (2 days after the finale), being followed around by cameras. I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up on the coming 8 episodes. I believe he was wearing a grey hoodie (with the hood up, in typical classy Justin Bobby style) and Audrina was following behind him like a sad puppy in a teal colored blouse or dress.


Duuuudeee. There is sdooo much more more to the justin/audrina situation that you guys dont know about or get to see. Justin is a really nice guy...he just hates the cameras and only agreed to do the show for audrina so the people could see his part in her life. And for those of you that say hes only there to be on tv...youre wrong. Hes a male model. He was before the show and he'll continue to be successful after the hills


i am so happy that you kick him out of your life.he was not right for you.don't fall for his sweet need a man that will love to be with you and who will be there just for you.


Oh man when I watched the Hills where JB was all "YOU DIDNT SEE ME KISSING HER" he almost had that VAPID DONKY MOUTH of a girlfriend believeing him. Cept, it was on tape, so push come to shove, she can look back at the footage. Teehee!


I'm SOOO glad to hear that Audrina has dumped Justin Bobby. She deserves so much better! I thought the last episode when they were at the Viper Room and met "The Ruse" was when JB lost it! The one band member was wanting 2 get w/ Audrina and asked JB if she was "available" and all Justin Bobby could say was "she's good" "we're good". What the hell man? I luv ya Audrina! Can't wait to see what lies ahead for you. TEAM LC

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