Andy Garcia Honors His Niece's Boyfriend, Sean Taylor

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Andy Garcia is paying tribute to slain NFL star Sean Taylor, who died this week after being shot inside his Florida home during an apparent break-in.

The actor's niece, Jackie Garcia, was the girlfriend of the Redskins safety and was
there Monday night when they heard loud noises inside Taylor's home.

Jackie Garcia hid in the couple's bedroom with their 18-month-old daughter, also named Jackie, while Sean Taylor, 24, went to investigate the break-in.

The intruder fired at least two shots, one of which struck Sean Taylor in the groin. The assailant then fled as Taylor stumbled back to the bedroom and Jackie Garcia called 911 on her cellphone. The phone lines to Taylor's home had been cut.

Andy Garcia's niece was with Sean Taylor on the fateful night.

"His heroic action on that tragic night saved both of their lives and is a testament to his humanity and courage," Andy Garcia, the star of Ocean's Thirteen, said in a statement to the Miami Herald. "His spirit will live forever, in our hearts and through the legacy of his achievements and the family he leaves behind."

Jackie Garcia and Sean Taylor were high school sweethearts at South Florida's Gulliver Preparatory School and attended the University of Miami together.

"Sean Taylor as known to many as an extraordinary athlete and unquestionable teammate," Andy Garcia, 51, added. "To those of us who had the good fortune to count him as a member of our extended family, we will always remember him as a caring and loving individual."

The Miami-Dade police director said Wednesday that authorities have "no reason to think this was anything other than a burglary or a robbery."

There are no suspects in the murder of Sean Taylor, who died at the hospital after suffering major blood loss and brain damage as a result of the shooting.


Lisa and welcome you guys are to funny... and asad to say the least. So I guess its his fault? True precauations could have been taken, but please just because the alarm situation NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT THESE FOUR MEN HAVE DONE TO HIM. It's like your saying he deserved what he got. PLEASE!!! If this ws your husband or family member would you be saying the same thing? I think NOT! Another innocent life is taken over STUPIDITY!!! My praywers go out his family, mainly his daughter that will not know what its like to have a father all over BS.


My heart goes out to the whole family, Such a young life in the prime, sometimes things doesnt make sense. Hopefully people will learn that life is a precious gift and we need to live in peace and tell our loved ones how much we love them daily. Violence should end and people that are caught like this should pay inmediatly for their crime. Go in Peace Sean, and May God protect your family and those left behind always.


Hi Lisa and Wondering too,
You two are very ignorant. You were not there, they captured the four suspects. Our prayers are with the families.


Lisa, I found your comments extremely offensive. You are making assumptions that the girlfriend is not telling the truth. Well what would be her motive for lieing about what really happened? Are you hinting that she had something to do with the murder. Theyve already caught the killers and soon enough their confessions will be public record. Just because you sit up straight in your bed when you hear noises doesnt mean every woman in the world reacts the same way. Some may hid, some may cry, some may even grab a weapon and run downstairs! Your assumptions are not well thought out and immature. To top it off the father of her child hasn't even been buried yet and you are already questioning the validity of her story. Very classy.

@ Tony

Shut your bitchass up! That bitch was lying about what happened that night and had everything to do with Sean's death!! Just because they caught the killers that didn't mean that that dumb ho didn't have anything to do with his death because that ho did! That bitch set him up! They just didn't state that publicly! And he was not the father of her child bitch! I was his fiancée of 7 and half years and we were engaged at the time of his death not Jackie!!! That bitch was telling the media her family and friends that so that her sorry ass would get cut off from her family!! That's what happens when you don't get married first before you have a child! I'm a light skin puerto rican and I'm way more attractive then that ho! Like dr carrington, I have a half brother who playes in the nba and my family owns their own business and so do myself mother and stepfather! This bitch don't do shit and knows it thats why that ho was dependent on his money since the bitch was claiming that lil Jackie was his but everyone around him knew she wasnt!! Get a life and go suck that bitch's pussy fucking bitch!!


It's sad i am reading these comments and thx to Rebecca and the others that had the sense not to say negative things for reading my mind ppl are so dumb or should i say ignorant to the fact that this girl grew up around money shes been with Sean since high school. Her family is the Garcias in Miami we all went to the same private school next time read or do some research before you judge ppl...or better yet try being in that situation....STOP WITH THE NEGATIVITY!!!!! HOW ABOUT YOU JUST PRAY FOR THE FAMILY.....

@ Ebony

Bitch shut the fuck up! So what if Jackie's bitchass grew up around money! You act like you know her which I know you don't because if you did you would've known that they not been together since high school and know that I've been with Sean since high school! I was his fiancée at the time of his death and that my family has money too and that I'm from Miami born and raised!! I went to the same high school as Sean and Jackie and they only dated for a year and then he broke with her! I'm a light skin puerto rican and knew Sean all my life!! I own my business and have a half brother that plays in the nba! So fuck Jackie and her family!! So stop looking for attention claiming you know this bitch when you don't and do your research before you comment bitch! Get a life and go suck that bitch's pussy ho!


These people that are posting terrible assumptions should be ashamed of themselves. Here you have 2 young kids with a baby..who were awakened in the middle of the night. They were scared, people react differntly to fear, a young man was just trying to protect his family. I cant imagine the fear they experienced. For people to imply she had something to gain?? They have captured the murderers..She had nothing to do with it and she could not have prevented it. Shame on you Lisa!! God bless Seans girlfriend and his daughter.


You.. why are you attacking Lisa for her opinion? A good detective will ask all those questions Lisa is asking plus some. Anwya, peace to everyone and my condolences to this family and all the many nameless families going through the same thing in this country. The violence has to end before it ends us all. Are we not civilized?


so sad, they both are/were so young to lose each other, and the daughter to grow up without a dad., so sad., my father die (from a illness)when i saw 2 and my mother was 21, she never remarried( that once in a life time love, i guess, anyway, my GOD bless the family in this very sad time., and the young lady did the right thing, protect your young., and mr taylor, what a brave man.,


yes Lisa, I don't know how you could say it doesn't add up..what doesn't add up? You don't make sense. When your scared out of your mind, your not thinking 100%. Fear takes over. Everyone reacts to fear differently. Who are you to judge how the situation was handled. I hate when people like you tell people how they are suppose to react. Your ignorant.


During the first break-in, no one was there so they probably thought it was a simple intruder since there had been 3 break-ins in that neighborhood this month and he was not allowed to own a gun because he was on probation for something that happened in 2005 where he pleaded guilty and had to speak at local schools and give donations to those schools as well.

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