Andy Baldwin Goes All Out

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The former star of ABC's The Bachelor - and permanent stud - U.S. Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin, once again showed off his football skills, laying out for a pass on the beach in Hawaii, where he resides. You gotta love this kind of intensity.

Andy Baldwin: Trying to win a contract with an NFL team?

Not only does he have rock-hard abs and a chiseled physique, but Andy Baldwin at least had the decency to pick a frickin' girl on The Bachelor before breaking off the engagement later in the year. You heard us, Brad Womack. You sellout.

As fans of the long-running reality TV show surely recall, the lovely Tessa Horst won the final rose, but officially got the Baldwin boot after the show ended.

Perhaps a big part of the reason for that? A certain former Miss Iran, Sepideh Haftgoli. And the fact that Andy is being deployed to the Middle East in 2008.

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MH and Samantha - You've both said that Tessa ended it with Andy some time back. When did she end the relationship? In September or October? The last pictures of Andy and Tessa were great to see - but if you looked closely Tessa never seemed to be 'into' that time as Andy seened to be. For most of those, she was always facing the camera.


Sorry, ABC had nothing to do with Veteran's Day weekend.......they had "nothing" to gain from that weekend visit......Tessa would NEVER go along with making out with Andy for pics if she had ended things.......she and Andy were VERY CLOSE during that visit. ABC can control many things, but not to that extent, nor would Tessa or Andy agree to it!!


Andy and Tessa are over. The Hawaii weekend was an ABC set up. For all intents and purposes, Tessa ended it quite some time ago.


"Eyes are the windows to the Soul". Check out the pics from Veteran's Day weekend.....look at their eyes! They sparkle! Pics don't lie........those two are in love. They have their own reasons for wanting the public to believe it is over....deployments are tough enough when the media is not in the picture.......if you were Andy, would you want Tessa to be the focus of all that attention while you were gone? No way!! They are two intelligent people!!


Andy and Tessa do not owe us any answers.....their commitment to fans ended in May. Their lives should be their own now........they still love each other very much. Just leave them alone. Also, a caution to people thinking that these celebs are sharing all with you over the internet.....they are telling you exactly what they want you to believe, knowing full well that it will go far and wide. There is definitely more to the story, but it is private, as it should be!!!


ANDY/TESSA STILL TOGETHER!!!!! YEAH TRUE... watch the video interview of Andy with Paula Akana/KITV HAWAII CHANNEL talking about his deployment and Tessa, also checkout recent photos on his website, comments from "B" is fairly accurate, watch it then decide. If we all care about them let us give them their privacy they needed to make this relationship work and wish them well as they go through this tough deployment separation. HANG IN THERE ANDY/TESS YOU'LL GET THROUGH THIS STAY STRONG...


lhazen - SF Gal, I agree that for most of us there is absolutely no intent to invade Andy and Tessa's privacy. Most of the folks who viewed Bachelor 10, however, have what I would call an emotional investment in their wonderful story. That said, it is hard for all of us who do not have the good fortune to live in Hawaii where occasional sightings of the couple help to understand the situation clearer, get anywhere near ground truth by reading the usually negative blogs. The comments by "B" above are encouraging but once again, where is the true story here?


SF Gal - I don't think many intend to be nuisances to Andy and Tessa. Some of us truly wanted everything to work out for these two. We respect them and hope down the road to hear they are a couple again. We have been told though through several boards that we are on that it has already completely ended between them. This being said by people who are in direct touch with Andy. I would love to believe you know something that is different from what we've been told, and that they still have a chance to find their way back to each other at some point in the future.


I wish everybody would have pulled back months ago and left this couple alone. They were so unique that I truly felt they had a chance of making things work. Samantha, you said Tessa ended it - that she and Andy were over. When did she end the relationship? Is there any truth to the story that she is dating already?


This couple will make this work if everyone will just "SCRAM". What is this reality tv obsession some folks have?? These are two very real people, not characters in a tv drama. They really love each other and deserve a chance to live private lives. Go watch "Survivor" or something and get off of their backs!!