Andy Baldwin Goes All Out

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The former star of ABC's The Bachelor - and permanent stud - U.S. Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin, once again showed off his football skills, laying out for a pass on the beach in Hawaii, where he resides. You gotta love this kind of intensity.

Andy Baldwin: Trying to win a contract with an NFL team?

Not only does he have rock-hard abs and a chiseled physique, but Andy Baldwin at least had the decency to pick a frickin' girl on The Bachelor before breaking off the engagement later in the year. You heard us, Brad Womack. You sellout.

As fans of the long-running reality TV show surely recall, the lovely Tessa Horst won the final rose, but officially got the Baldwin boot after the show ended.

Perhaps a big part of the reason for that? A certain former Miss Iran, Sepideh Haftgoli. And the fact that Andy is being deployed to the Middle East in 2008.

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MH, I am a close friend and I can tell you that people like you who get all your wrong info from message boards and tabloids and then spread it everywhere are the VERY reason this couple have gone completely private. I trust that there are some intelligent and sensible fans out there who know better than to believe your hurt Andy with this stuff and when he is gone, you will hurt Tessa.....It is very sad!!


MH, it is obvious you have another name and that's Ihazen. You don't know zilch about the couple so beat it! Are you one of those rejected bachelorettes that's still bitter that Andy didn't choose you? Tessa is a beautiful person with admirable values and principles; so is Andy. They're not going to show affection for each other if they don't mean it. They are both very sincere and kind people. They're the exact opposite of vile creatures like MH and Ihazen.


The "romance" always looked way more serious than it was. Andy and Tessa are good actors. Check clear back to the Alcatraz competition and you will find clues in the tape at the finish line. If you were really a friend, you would know that the deployment had nothing to do with their breakup. They had called it quits before the deployment to the gulf was ever announced.


Sorry MH, but you need to check your info.....I am a friend and you are very incorrect!! Please stop spreading false info about this couple........leave them be!! P.S. Their contract DID NOT command them to kiss for pics at this late date....that is a fact!!


Tessa and Andy "made out" many times for photo ops. It was part of their contract. ABC wanted to see if they could possibly get together again before the final Bach 11 show, thus the trip to Hawaii. Tessa almost didn't go, but she gave it one more shot.


Ihazen, you're obviously making up those things you said. Will you please stop it? The sole reason they are apart is because Andy is getting ready for deployment. They still love each other very much. Please stop spreading lies.


It has been said by those who know the real Tessa. "She is not the person that those watching the show believed her to be. That person was void of all the great qualities that the public believed she possessed at that time. Simply, she was only an illusion. Nothing more"


I've heard that the breakup was final. Andy was devastated. Pretty sad for him considering the deployment isn't that far off. It is hard to believe that Tessa appears not to be the sensitive, caring person that so many originally felt her to be.


Andy and Tessa want to be totally private now and as their friend, I respect that.....please ignore my last post because I am letting myself be drawn into doing exactly what they hate.......all of the speculation and scrutinizing of everything they do and every facial expression they make, etc.


In one pic they are kissing and in one she is sitting on his lap the way a lover does.......not the way a friend does. Those two pics speak volumes!!