Andy Baldwin Goes All Out

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The former star of ABC's The Bachelor - and permanent stud - U.S. Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin, once again showed off his football skills, laying out for a pass on the beach in Hawaii, where he resides. You gotta love this kind of intensity.

Andy Baldwin: Trying to win a contract with an NFL team?

Not only does he have rock-hard abs and a chiseled physique, but Andy Baldwin at least had the decency to pick a frickin' girl on The Bachelor before breaking off the engagement later in the year. You heard us, Brad Womack. You sellout.

As fans of the long-running reality TV show surely recall, the lovely Tessa Horst won the final rose, but officially got the Baldwin boot after the show ended.

Perhaps a big part of the reason for that? A certain former Miss Iran, Sepideh Haftgoli. And the fact that Andy is being deployed to the Middle East in 2008.

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Not surprised they broke up! Tessa is fake and you could tell from the series. He made a bad bad bad decision picking Tessa over Bevin. Bevin loved him all along but Tessa didn't!!! Period.


i would just like to add... that i really love them as a couple and as a die hard romantic... i really pray that they are just.... PRIVACY... a happy ending... is a happy ending.... I JUST HOPE YOUR STAY TOGETHER.... WHATEVER PEOPLE SAY... Good luck and God Bless to both of you Andy and Tessa! Love you both!!!


I think your observations are right on the mark.


"I agree. Tessa and Andy are both nice people. They are just not together anymore and haven't been for some time." Could you explain to me how the above statement is "spewing venom"? I am sure Andy and Tessa would not be happy to see a supporter writing garbage like that.


There you go again, MH. Are you so jealous and vindictive that you have to keep on spewing venom? Don't you have anything better to do with your own life? Thank you, Curious Mom. Having someone you love leave to work on dangerous missions with the military is stressful enough. I wish both Andy and Tessa the best of everything and may their love grow deeper even with Andy's imminent departure for Bahrain. Stay safe, Andy! Stay strong, Andy and Tessa!


I agree. Tessa and Andy are both nice people. They are just not together anymore and haven't been for some time.


Thanks for the clarification Samso. I suppose I would do the same for my friends. It must be hard for friends and families, not to mention Andy and Tessa, to learn about all the false information that has been circulating. I'm sure they were never expecting all of this craziness as a result of being on the show. They captured many hearts, including mine. Unfortunately there are many mean spirited people that can't stand to see happy people. I just wish both Andy and Tessa much happiness, love and peace whether together or apart.


Andy stating his status as single only means that he's not married. That's all. Those who claim to be his friends who say that he's a bachelor again are not his friends. OK magazine is a tabloid that can't get their facts straight. Curious Mom, I don't think C is sharing too much. Just enough to discredit the mean things that some evil people here are saying. Anyone who believes everything that they read on the internat and in the tabloids is brain dead.


C, I would love to believe that what you're saying is the truth and that their is still hope for Tessa and Andy. However, if you're truly a close friend, why are you sharing so much information? By sharing this information, aren't you compromising their privacy?


What part of Mr. Balwin stating on his website that he is Single is so hard for people to understand now. His friends have posted on their website that he is again a bachelor. OK magazine has so stated.
Anyone who thinks they are still together is just a delusional fool.