An Update on Melissa Reyes and Chelsea Korka

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As everyone knows, Asia Nitollano won Pussycat Dolls: The Search for the Next Doll.

But what about two of the top contenders for that title? Here are a pair of updates on them:

Runner-up Melissa Reyes (pictured) was recently a special guest at a Northern California dance contest in Hayward, CA. She gave a special pre-show performance before the competing group and exhibition dances took the stage. Fans loved it.

Chelsea Korka is working on her dance moves as she prepares for a gig with the Paradiso Girls. She says she's feeling both homesick and physically sick, but is working through it, and has a new boyfriend, which ought to help with any illness.


Chelsea should have won
plus she looks so much better


I was sick when Chelsea didn't win. She was so exotic looking and a fantastic entertainer. She was awsome. What were they thinking when they selected Asia, she was mean! Then she leaves the group.


wow i cant believe she QUITED
and 59743953 thousand girls wanted to be at her place


ASIA SUUCKS!!!! hahahah... i can`t believe she won


i think that melliss r should have one
like asia was mean and yaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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