Aliette Vazquez Calls Off Engagement to Helio Castroneves

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Helio Castroneves was on top of the world after winning Dancing with the Stars last night.

But the race car driver awoke this morning with the knowledge that he'll never have Aliette Vazquez on top of him again.

TMZ reports that Vazquez has broken off her engagement to the racing and dancing champion; the couple had been dating for more than six years and had been engaged for a year.

"There have been a lot of rumors and a lot of misinformation out there," Vazquez's rep Howard Bragman said, and she "wanted to set the record straight."

"I can confirm that Aliette Vazquez and I have called off our engagement and are no longer together," Castroneves said in a statement to People. "At this time I would prefer to keep my private life private."

Ironically, Helio's partner, Julianne Hough, postponed her wedding last year because she was too busy preparing for the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

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ali is HOTT....awseome girl.....way better then helio castroWHATEVERRRRRRR....take that ;)


The bright lights and attention are seductive. Anyone that's around that artificial environment (or is mature enough) would know enough not to take it seriously. Yes, those emersed in that scene mate & part with a fickleness that amazes. Mr. Castroneves recent fiance should realize the fleeting alliances that get created (to sell tickets, advertising, etc.) are manufactured. If he and she had a solid relationship, it wouldn't & shouldn't be so fragile. So, maybe the delay to that marriage by the dancing show was a blessing in disguise for both of them (exposing a shaky foundation). Doesn't the Bible say that there are no coincidences? Yes, all that comes from God has a good purpose. -Amen.


well well well. wasn't she dating her former partner too? Get real, i think these celebrities just kiss for the sake of publicity... keeps us all tuned in and they obviously aren't people we want our children look to as role models.... If they did, everything would be acceptable...


I'm sorry when someone breaks up but if Julianne & Helio have found each other,that's great.If it happened! It's not up to us to judge how people live or love!!




I think it's great the Helio and Aliette decided to call it quits instead of doing the whole baby, family thing and realizing way to late that being together was not for them. I find it so comical when people judge movie stars. Not a single one of us know them personally but so many can't wait to trash them! Aliette is a beautiful women and I'm sure she will not have a problem finding Mr. Right. And Helio's personality is extremely contagious and he is so adorable. There's not to many women out there that wouldn't have loved to be in Julianne's shoes!!! As for Julianne.... how many of us at 19 didn't bounce from love to love? She seems pretty intelligent and mature for her age... but remember people she has done, experienced, been responsible and accomplished things that people at 50 are still thriving for. Give her some credit. And if they a hot new couple kudos to them....


I know Helio and he is not a CAD! He is one of the most respectful, caring young men I have ever met. He is friendly almost to a fault, loves life, and loves people. I believe the issue goes way deeper than a victory kiss between two amazing dance partners. If Aliette broke their engagement just because of that, she is a fool. He would be a great catch for any woman.


If after dating 6 years, being engaged for a year and they still hadn't set a date, they already had problems. Ny understanding is that the engagement ended a couple of weeks ago not the night of the finale. Good luck to all of them.


I heard his fiance dumped him, not the other way around. His fiance needs to grow up and realize that NO man on Earth could possibly resist such a gorgeous 19-yr-old blonde with a smokin' hot body who can move like that. Get real, girl. She should've let this brief phase pass because Julianne certainly isn't ready to settle down at this stage of her life. Stand By Your Man.


Sorry, I think Helio is a CAD for disrespecting and humiliating his fiance in front of millions of viewers. No matter how gorgeous Julianne is or how he felt, it was wrong for him to do that. Obviously, after skipping around the dance floor with Julianne, he decided to serve his fiance her walking papers, by planting a big one on Julianne.