A Michael Marchand Photo!

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Trying to stay shaded from a celebrity news flashbulb storm, Britney Spears got a hand from actor, waiter and reported boyfriend, Michael Marchand, on Tuesday after dining at the Los Angeles restaurant Mirabelle, where he supposedly works ...

A Jason Trawick, Britney Spears Pic

Britney Spears: Possibly dating Michael Marchand (left).

Whether Britney has "totally fallen for" Michael Marchand as Life & Style reported on Wednesday remains to be seen. But they are definitely hanging out. Looks as though this guy has big time Isaac Cohen or maybe even J.R. Rotem potential!


I want to see Michael Marchand on TV. Does he do modeling? I wouldn't mind seeing him with his shirt off either.... Gimme a little piece of mikey marchand please.


I hope it's not true, Mike it too good for her...he's an amazing person chasing his dream in Hollywood:)


Mike's family is very close friends to my family. I consider his father my uncle. They are in no relation to this Dave guy that is circulating around. I know this for a fact. I'm hoping to meet Britney when he brings her home to salem for christmas!


I worked with mike in a nh restaurant. He is ilarious, and a good person . Any negative notes are becouse we all want to walk in his shoes.


Mike is from Salem, NH has 2 brothers,Chris Marchand and Ryan Ewing. Mike went to high school @Central Catholic. and his father was a detective for the Salem, NH police dept where he recently retired… (An old friend from baseball and classmate of Mike…)
Way to represent the Merrimack Valley, and ignore all that other crap!!


mike marchand is a perfect gentleman, this kid is probably the only person in the world that could straighten her out. good luck mike and go easy, p.s. hook me up with paris.


Hey Mikey, dont do it. STAY AWAY from Spears. She WAS a great singer back in the day, now she is RICH white trash and she will only make you sink. Dont get involved any further. P.S. I work with your cousin Kathleen. LOVE from Hampton NH!


Mike is teh bigest user i have ever met . i was one of his best friends when he lived in NH. What a clown all of his old friends think this is the bigest jokes


I am happy for her. She deserves to be loved just like anybody els. Bashers/Haters - she can where any boots she wants!!! and who died and made you her judge?! You don't know a damn thing about her, except what you read!! Go bash Lindsey, now there is some diseases and cocaine BIG TIME!!!


Apprently you do not know Mike at all because he has 2 brothers (1 older and 1 younder) and did not go to school in Salem NH. That is just he town we grew up in. Mike is a great person and is not in this for money or fame. I support my brother all the way!

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