Zanessa: Holding Hands, Going Strong

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So much for the demise of Zanessa.

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were spotted leaving Orso restaurant in West Hollywood last night, holding hands and celebrating the latter's 20th birthday.

Keeping it Hood

Celebrity gossip follows this couple everywhere, as columnists wonder if the pair is still together (obviously so) and/or if Hudgens will be replaced in High School Musical 3 by either Adrienne Bailon or Sabrina Bryan (it's unclear).

As far as we're concerned, though? It's just nice to see Vanessa and Zac smiling again. They've been through a lot.

Now, let's leave these two alone and let Efron have his way with that beautiful bare body we've all taken a peak at.

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cuidence de comentarios tontos como el de que zac es gay


ami me parece que son novios por las fotos que vi en internet tasolo pones vanessa hudgens i puedes ver muchas fotos que prueva que ellos dos son novios , a y otra cosa tambien muestra que tubo un novio antes justo en una foto que se van a besar.


you guys are so mean a bare body that we've all sean, now that is just mean as all hell, just leave zanessa alone, vanessa made a mistake it's not like she got pregnate like jamie lynn spears did go talk behind her back but not nessa's i mean c'mon get a life!!!!


Taylor, you are so right. I still can't believe that she did that. She could have been smarter or smarticle (I'm acting like London).


hey zac meet me at the mall tonight so to to your house we can have ess ex


i have kissed zac before guys


they are so cute together. but vanessa got kindda.......uh u know. i can not belive she sent nude photo's to drake bell. that is crazy talk


I cannot believe he is still with her after all that has happened, Zac is too good for Vanessa and should break-up with her. I actually thought he would dump Vanessa and end up with Ashley which in my opinion is what he should do (at least dump Vanessa).


i am so glad that they are together. i wish they are a part of my family like i always play in my imagination . i wish i can see them live and shake hands with them i even want to be friends with them. my room is full with vanessa and zac efrons photo


zac and vanessa are NOT quite together !
But i love you Zachary david alexander Efron