Vanessa Hudgens: Out of High School Musical 3?

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OK! magazine is reporting that things are far from okay for Vanessa Hudgens.

The celebrity gossip tabloid says this young star's nude photo scandal will cost her a spot in High School Musical 3.

"Disney finally decided that they don't want her back," says an insider. "They feel that as long as Zac Efron is in the movie, all will be fine. He's the real star �" the household name �" and, most importantly, he comes without baggage."

But with dashing good looks!

If Hudgens isn't asked back, rumors say that Cheetah Girls Adrienne Bailon or Sabrina Bryan are likely replacements.

"The producers think that after Dancing With the Stars, Sabrina will be more famous than Vanessa," the source said.

We're not sure about that. Even if Bryan wins the reality competition, ask yourself who is better known right now, past Dancing with the Stars champions or celebrities that get naked a lot?

Think more people know of Drew Lachey or Tila Tequila?




I don't think they should let her star in high school musical 3 because what she did was nasty. Her naked pictures was all over the internet and that's not okay. And i dont understand why zac efron still like her shes a trashy lesbian because there was a picture of her putting her tongue in another girl mouth.


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO pliz let Vanessa Hudgens in HSM3 i am HSM's biggest fan iand i think no one will watch HSM3 if Vanessa is not in it. OH year now because Vanessa Hudgens is not in the movie i am not watching ''IT SUCKS''


wat the heck i beg to vannesa show in hsm3!


let vanessa stay all she did was send zac a rude picture the people who say she should go are nasty i think because vanessa is lever and pretty please let her stay she is my best charater ever any way you would break troys heart and he will have to marry sharpay and that won't be good so let vanessa stay please


VANESSA SHOULD STAY...........................................


i like troys suite at the end of the show can you show highschool2 tomoz at 12.00am


its a good show. I think you should sing a bit louder at the end thow


i think vanessa is the one and only gabbrells sabrena is nothing like gabbrella


high school mucial 3 will suck if there is no vannessa

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Vanessa Hudgens Biography

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens is a singer/actress who is best known for her work in High School Musical. Of course, a naked picture scandal didn't... More »
Salinas, California
Full Name
Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Quotes

You know, we’re here to talk about the movie.

Vanessa Hudgens [as a press conference for High School Musical 3, asked about Miley Cyrus photos]

Just recently I've learned to be okay with myself without wearing makeup. I think it was a special someone telling me that I didn't need it. I started taking care of my skin and realized I didn't need as much as I thought I did.

Vanessa Hudgens