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Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip and its Caption Contest, a fun Friday afternoon tradition in which readers must come up with the best caption for a celebrity picture each week. The first edition of the contest didn't disappoint.

We got a lot of great captions this week for sure. Honorable mentions go out to CaptionPlanet, MathiasGorman, TX Chic and alli. But there can be only a single winner (per week) and as this week's, we selected Spencer's Flaccid Weeny (no doubt an homage to the great Spencer Pratt).

The winning caption appears beneath the celebrity photo below. Scroll down for the full list of hilarious replies. Thanks for playing and good luck this week!

"Quick! Gimme a dime bag!!! I need a fix."


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Oh No, CRAP, I just broke a nail


Oh my God, I just spilled my drink


That was for my mom bitch! Where's my cocaine?


Riley, I said Calum Best, not you cum the best! -Idiot!!


"Doctor! I'm aging at a rapid pace! My hands are already 60 and my face is heading towards 30! HELP!!" (I mean, seriously, look at this girl's hands!! eww!)


What do you mean crabs?


I'd stay out of the clubs, would just say no to drugs, If I only had a brain! No more meds for my std's, wouldn't have to worry about dating a parolee...if I only had a brain!


asking her booky-"what's the over or under on how many months till i'm back in rehab"


Lindsay, this is the police. We've traced the calls. They are coming from INSIDE YOUR SCARF!!!


Lindsay Lohan, Hollywood actress, seen chatting on her cell phone.