The Hills Recap: Lauren and Whitney Take Manhattan

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In a surprising twist, this week's episode of The Hills focused almost entirely on LC and Whitney's jobs and responsibilities at Teen Vogue, and did not feature Heidi Montag on screen for a second. Episode of the year nominee, anyone?

With the all-important Fashion Week right around the corner, Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad were sent New York City by their boss, Lisa Love, to discuss the party-planning for a magazine bash at Teen Vogue's Manhattan HQ.

Upon arriving in the Big Apple, Whitney Port learns she will be all alone giving the big presentation to the management team - Team Whitney! - while LC is sent off to assist at a Marc Jacobs model casting session across town.

In front of the Teen Vogue brain trust, Whitney Port is sweating bullets in her hot dress (which raises eyebrows) as she attempts to explain her plan for the big bash to the executives, who keep throwing her harder questions she wasn't planning on! Whitney holds her own, but it's tough out there in the corporate world.

But our girl pulls through, and upon reuniting with Lauren at the hotel, learns that Lauren met Marc Jacobs himself. Like, OMG. Perhaps more impressively, she left the event without getting any guys' numbers, unlike the previous model casting event (during which she met a young fellow named Gavin Beasley).

Meanwhile, back in SoCal, Frankie Delgado tells Spencer Pratt to stop being such a little bitch (our words, not his) and call Brody Jenner to end their dude feud.

It turns out Spencer does call, but it's Brody Jenner who wants nothing to do with him. LC tells Brody how she doesn't want to be responsible for the boys' break-up, but Brody assures her it's his decision not to patch things up with Spencer. Nice.


The best episode of the season by far. Whit and LC are too cute for words.


the show is clearly fake . when lauren was in this epsiode she is wearing the same outfit . with the same hair . as she did when she was on a "date" with trey.


Even though the episode was so so, I like it, no drama, it focused on their work, something different for a change. I was so sick of the club scenes and the stupid high school drama. It reminded me of season one. I liked it.


Last night episode was the best of the season. Lc and Whit are gorgeous girls. Love Brody and Lauren together.


I loved the outfit lauren had on when she met marc jacobs she looked so pretty.


Last night's episode was so, it was to see them mainly focus on Lauren and Whitney in NYC... but my fave scene was Lauren and Brody cuddling!!!!!!! They have soooo much more chemistry then Hedi and Spencer!!!!!!


This was a great episode. I loved Whit dress. I guess it would have been more conservative if she had a chic jacket over it. I also loved the suits LC was wearing. Brody and Lauren are soo gorgeous together.


Team LC, Team Whitney. Thanks God we didn't see much of Heidi, finally they are going back to season one when the show was about the girls and their work. I loved this episode.


is this show real or what ? ppl keep telling me its fake . but i dont believe it .

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