The Hills Recap: Brody's Birthday, Elodie's Revenge

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After weeks of standing on the sidelines and weighing in on her friends' romances on The Hills, the lovely Lauren Conrad finally got a little action herself - at the birthday party for her ex, Brody Jenner, in Las Vegas.

After a surprise arrival in Las Vegas for pal Jenner's birthday, LC gave her hunky ex a birthday kiss, and then later, some "just-because" kisses. Sexy!

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While we don't think these two are officially back on, that Lauren Conrad sure is cute when she gives people those flirty eyes, don't you think?

Credit for their possibly rekindled romance has to go to Brody's bud, Frankie Delgado, who seemed to spend a lot of time convincing Lauren Conrad that the reason she and Brody used to fight was - what else - the presence of Spencer Pratt.

Speaking of Frankie Delgado, he got some action himself - from LC's namesake pal, Lauren Bosworth, a.k.a. Lo. The highlight of the night was a tipsy Lo falling over and flashing her friends, to which Lauren replied, "I just saw Lo's Britney!"

Yup, it was all good in Las Vegas... except for Justin Bobby. The boyfriend of Audrina Patridge (real name Justin Brescia), J-Bobby didn't say two words the whole time, despite the girls' efforts to engage him in conversation.

When Lo and LC confront Audrina regarding J-B's unwillingness to, you know, act like an adult and speak, Audrina lets them have it, saying "Okay, I'll blow him off, I'll never see him again, just to make you guys happy... I'm done!"

The high drama of the night goes to Heidi Montag's co-worker, Elodie. Still pissed over Heidi's promotion, she quits. Then, on her last day, Elodie agrees to cover a big event for Heidi, who wants to celebrate her anniversary with Spencer.

In one of the biggest, funniest, passive-aggressive bitch moves in Hills history, Elodie says sure, she'll cover for Heidi, knowing damn well she won't even be working at the company by that night. Details, right?

As a result of Elodie's mean maneuver, Spencer and Heidi's romantic dinner at Don Antonio's Mexican Restaurant is cut short when she gets an urgent call that the event she is supposed to be running is not staffed by... anyone!

Oh snap! Next up? If you thought the Lauren Conrad sex tape drama was over ... you were right. But that won't stop everyone from pointing fingers at each other regarding who spread the rumors in the first place!


Ok to whoever said someone is crazy to quit because some gets a promotion over them, then i guess i'm crazy too! I TRAINED my supervisor after working at my job for a year and when i got another job i quit. It's degrading to train someone who is supposed to be over you, i didn't screw the girl over because she was really nice and understood why i was so upset. My friend and i worked together and we both trained her and then she became our supervisor. I love Elodie, Heidi's an idiot and soon she will see Spencer for the conniving fuzz face that he is, you can already see in her mind that the wheels in her head are turning.


I agree with Monica. Heidi deserved the promotion.. who cares if she went behind her back its business!


Lauren and Brody are too gorgeous together. They should date... they would be the best looking couple in hollywood. Even more gorgeous than Brad and Angelina.


Elodie is very vindictive. First of all, she prances around the office telling everyone that she wants that promotion like it's hers. Did anyone ever think that maybe Elodie didn't get the promotion because she sucks! Then, she quits the job becasue of Heidi? Come On! She has serious problems (coo coo... if you know what I mean). To do that to Heidi, she really must be crazy. Who does things like that? Everyone is so against Heidi. Her and Elodie were not close buddies, just co-workers. "It's business, not personal"!


I was shocked that Elodie did that. Although Heidi deserved it, I didn't think Elodie would stoop to her level like that. It's obvious that Heidi can do no wrong at Bolthouse, as she was completely unqualified for that position she snagged. Brent wants to stay in the spotlight, so Elodie never stood a chance. She did the right thing by walking away. I think a classy move would have just been to walk away with her head up high, moving on in a way Heidi never will.


Lauren and Brody make a gorgeous pair. She is gorgeous and he is just plain beautiful. I agree they will make to good looking kids.


I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elodie did a great thing. Heidi thought she was all that and could run the show. Well guess what, Looks like someone got a taste of REALITY. Great move Elodie. Heidi and Spencer deserve each other. Both of them will not have any friends. Go Lauren, Audrina and Elodie!!!!!!


I loved it!!!! However, i'm still looking forward to the day that LC and Heidi will end up together again. I know that they really do love each other still. Heidi Really misses Lauren but she's too cockwhipped over Spencer to get a clue!!!! I love you Lauren and Audrina is super HOT!!!!


OMG!!! Love this episode because of Lauren and Brody. They would make the perfect couple and babies. They would have gorgeous children... A couple on the hills that is actually fun and have chemistry. Justin Bobby needs to get over himself! Team Lo! Speidi needs to be kicked off the show. Team Elodie!!!!


Loved Loved Loved what Elodie did!! Fake or not... it was great. I can't stand Heidi - she's a backstabbing,no talent, stuck on herself, lying, two faced rat! Heidi & Spencer are so much alike they deserve each other!

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