The Bachelor Recap: Bitching, Bikinis & Brad Womack

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Picking up where we left off after last week's drool-inducing premiere, the 15 remaining Bachelorettes move into their Malibu mansion. In bikinis. Holla!

There will be two group dates this week on The Bachelor and there will be a rose handed out at each. The rest of these women will have to take their chances at the ceremony at the end of the night. The tension in the air is thick. Almost as much so as Brad Womack's abs. Guy is frickin' ripped!

Womack, Brad

What will the dates consist of? Just you wait. The first "date box" has already arrived by the time the cameras roll and inside are lots of wide brimmed hats and toy horses. It's a sign. Jade reads the note:

"Join me for a day at the races. Brad."

Eloquent, Brad Womack. Eloquent. The man keeps it short and sweet.

Those women angling for the hearts of The Bachelor and going to the track are Erin, McCarten, Kristy, Mallory, Hillary, Jade and DeAnna.

As they get ready, McCarten tells Hillary that she's going to get the first kiss from Brad. Hillary responds, "You want sloppy seconds? Because I'm kissing him first!"

Oh. No. She. Didn't.

Jade says she thinks she has a good shot at getting the rose because she's one of the more competitive women there and also, "I, personally, think I'm better looking" than the rest of them. If you don't say! Damn, this is gonna be good!

It has only just begun. Continue reading the adventures of Brad Womack in this exclusive episode guide to last night's episode of The Bachelor ...


I didn't watch this round of the Bachelor, mostly because I thought he looked a little GAY. Now, I'm CONVINCED. Was this a big con?


What an ass hole. Its men like this who really make women men hatters. But you know they say what goes around comes around. He has ruined his life. Being on national tv and doing this wow....No wonder I quit watching the show..


I really think that Brad was a jerk also. He slamed the girls in the dirt and then hugged and held on to them wanting his blessing. His mother seemed like she had a head on her shoulders but boy did she go wrong in raising Brad... Brad should have gotten out of the bachleor long before the end of the episode. I am ashamed that a TEXAS boy would act like that.


I think you are a jerk Brad for leading this women on. You wanted them to pour their hearts out but what did you do in the end but BREAK THEIR HEARTS. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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