Tara Conner Learns from "Life Lessons"

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Tara Conner is back in the spotlight these days. But it's not for drugs or girl-on-girl action or anything more sordid than simply being involved with a reality TV show.

She's serveing as the "unofficial peer advisor" to current Miss Universe Riyo Mori; Miss USA Rachel Smith; former Miss Teen USA Katie Blair; and current Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz on MTV's Pageant Place, a series produced by Donald Trump.

And Conner is grateful for the opportunity.

What hot lesbian action? Tara Conner has put her past behind her and now dresses more conservatively than Condoleezza Rice.

"Mistakes are life lessons," she told In Touch Weekly. "If you ever want to take a bite of humble pie, go to rehab and then explain to the world, 'I was a cokehead. I drank. I went out and raged.'"

Tara, of course, did all these things. And who would have thought Trump would be the one to rescue her from the depths? Suck on that, Rosie O'Donnell.

"It's a weird father-daughter and boss-employee relationship," Conner said of relationship with Trump.

Of course, the former beauty pageant winner does still channel her inner Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan sometimes; she just does it with a different drink in hand.

"Every now and then, I still go out and shake my tail-feather; I am 21 years old," Conner said. "But now, instead of bottle service, I get Red Bull service."

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