Suri Cruise: Psyched For Scientology

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Suri Cruise is pumped up.

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    Alot of ex's are finally coming out and sharing their stories....I hope you are doing well in life ;-) I was in too and it's not easy by any means.


    this is a load of crap. kids need boundaries. she's going to end up spoiled rotten. she needs discipline. kids need to be taught how to say "please" and "thank you" and be respectful to their parents and other people. they need to learn that everything does NOT always go their way.
    parents need to teach their kids and not be their friend.
    i don't want to brag but a couple of times my parents have gotten compliments from people on how well behaved me and my siblings are. it's because my parents taught me to be respectful and how they know what is best for me even though i may not like it (veggies!)


    Greg is a $cientologist and he's PROUD of it ?

    I guess you grow 'em pretty strange in California. We here in Illinois would try to be discreet about believing in a 'religion' founded by a pill-popping rumsnoot that could barely remember what lies he told about which year of his dishonourable service in the US Navy.

    And then there's his pre-teen boytoy David Miscavige, his cinematographer and heir apparent...who I guess ingested so much of the old sod's spoo that he inherited the empire. Even shorter than Tiny Tom Cruise - if you can believe it !

    Suri Cruise - miracle baby - born to Tiny Tom and his Hole even tho Tom said thru his first 2 marriages that he was shooting blanks. Did his auditing sessions finally make his spunk funk ? We doubt it! He lies just to stay in practice for his next B movie role!

    Fakirs and liars = = worse, the cult of $cientology is run by murderers.

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