Staging The Hills: Heidi-Spencer Photos Spark Controversy

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The Hills? Fake? We never would have guessed that. But this could be the most glaring example yet. Our friends at CelebSlam have pics of Heidi Montag getting on a flight at LAX and then returning there ... about half an hour later.

The above set of pics shows the great Spencer Pratt dropping his girlfriend and her fake boobs off at the airport early yesterday afternoon. The below photos show Spencer picking up Heidi ... a little later in the afternoon.

It's a joyful reunion at the airport for Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who changed their shirts but are still wearing the same pants and shoes in each scene.

Of course, these pics alone doesn't prove a lot. Heck, our celebrity news writers can only afford one pair of jeans and shoes on their meager wages. But we certainly wouldn't dispute that these photos were taken on the same day.

Would it surprise you? It shouldn't. It also doesn't change the fact that The Hills is the ultimate guilty pleasure, and we're all just tuning in to watch the adorable Lauren Conrad go clubbing and to scream at Heidi and Spencer anyway.


yeah, ive got the pics here too: great coverage yall.


You Guys Heidi Is Not Ugly And Shes Not A Bitch! She Just Made The Wrong Decisions She Let Spencer Get The Best Of Her Most Of Us Are The Same With Guys Duh!


Is Heidi and spenser real married lol?
thay are so cute together they are the best
love ya lots heidi lv meg...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
p.s she is fab?


is she wearing an Abercrombie and Fitch 3/4 sweater? i think i have the same one..


They are sooo stupid, Man Heidi is butt uglyh look at that profile ..Her nose is HUGE and her eyes are so far apart that's proably to make room for her honkin nose

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