Spike TV Showdown: Jessica Alba vs. Megan Fox

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Neither Cash Warren or Brian Austin Green were anywhere in sight during the recent Spike TV Scream Fest.

Nevertheless, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox grabbed hold of something long and hard during the festivities.

The stunning pair of actresses are pictured below, each yielding looks that could kill. Along with a sharp spike that could probably at least injure badly. 

Which babe looks better with her weapon of choice? And are either as dangerous as the nipples on Victoria Beckham?

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jessica alba is naturally beautiful! megan fox is pretty but not as much as jessica!!!


megan fox iz waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hotter than jessica alba


Jessica Alba is wayyy hotter than meagan fox, they just didn't choose very good pictures to compare.


Jessica Alba requires a lot less effort to look the way she does. Google "megan fox extreme makeover" and then decide who's more naturally pretty. My votes for Jess. A lot easier on the eyes


Meagan Fox looks like a total slut!! Jessica Alba is the hottest there is in hollywood!


Megan fox owns jessica alba anyday of the week


Jessica Alba is waaaaaaay hotter than Meagan Fox


jessica alba is so ugly compared to Megan Fox.


i love u megaan foxxie