She's Back: The Sports Gal Lays Into Grey's Anatomy

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Although she is no longer be blogging about The Bachelor, The Sports Gal - a.k.a. the wife of ESPN's Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy) - still occasionally drops some knowledge on the masses regarding pop cultural topics of the day.

In the crosshairs this week: Grey's Anatomy, which she says might drop clear out of her must-TiVo list any day now. Here's what the hilarious Sports Gal says...


I used to look forward to Thursday nights; now I look forward to Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girl, Tell Me You Love Me and Californication.

Grey's Anatomy jumped the shark when T.R. Knight's dork character cheated on his overweight wife with blonde, beautiful, leggy Izzie - a relationship about as realistic as Spencer Pratt from The Hills getting a job.

I'm also a tad fed up with the whole McDreamy / McSteamy thing. The usage of "Mc" for cute guys has been carried way too far. I read something this week that Seth Green was going to be on a future episode as a "sick guy" and the writer referred to him as "McSicky."

McSicky? Come on. Let's stop before we have a McFatty and a McHairlip.

The big problem is that the show became too successful and we know too much about the cast now. I used to think McDreamy was hot until I found out he just had twins and his previous marriage was to a woman twice his age.

TMI! Can I just see Patrick Dempsey pictures with his shirt off please?

I used to really like McSteamy, too, until I kept seeing him in Us Weekly with Dylan McKay's dead wife (Rebecca Gayheart) - they creep me out, though not as much as Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

Also, the Isaiah Washington saga overshadowed last season when Katherine Heigl (who plays Izzie) defended T.R., who seemed so wounded by everything (I felt so bad for him). Now, we're supposed to be watching T.R. and Izzy have an affair?

I know it's acting, but come on! Every time they have "sexual tension," I'm watching them and thinking about what a good friend Katherine Heigl was and how I wish I had my own dorky gay friend that I could defend against mean jerks like Isaiah Washington. Now I'm just McBored.


Sports Gal you are a clever, clever genius! You have a brilliant way of capturing the inner feelings of all of us who are suffering while watching Grey's this year. Some of the story lines need to go the way of the buffalo. Can I just put a plug in that I really wish you were writing about the Bachelor this time around? The material Brad and the girls have provided is gold and my friends and I can only imagine what your thoughts would be. Maybe you'll come back to the bachelor, maybe not, let's just hope you don't go away for good. Peace out.

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