Sam Lufti: Britney Spears is Hopeful, Optimistic

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After losing custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James and dropping them off with Kevin Federline, going tanning, and finally stopping by the DMV, the great Britney Spears checked into Beverly Hills' Peninsula Hotel.

Her friend Sam Lufti - best known for getting into a physical altercation while getting served in Spears' custody fight - was there, and tells Us Weekly that she remains optimistic about regaining custody of the boys soon.

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"She is doing okay," Sam Lufti said. "It has been a rough day. But she is feeling very optimistic about the future."

A source close to Britney Spears says her optimism comes from the fact the Monday decision to give K-Fed custody was merely the result of scheduling conflicts that kept Spears from showing up for court-mandated drug testing.

Some of our staff members know from experience that it's hard to find the time to give a blood sample twice a week in between all the trips to the DMV, tanning salons and various nightclubs that a person must make.

"There were scheduling conflicts and errors in communication as to times and places for drug tests, et cetera, but they're all squared away now," the source says. "Britney is hoping a judge will reverse the order as of Wednesday, now that she is making steps to follow through on what they have asked."

Sam Lufti, who took Britney Spears to the DMV to, at long last, get her a valid California license has been taking care of the scheduling for the troubled singer.

"Sam Lufti is arranging for Britney's drug tests. He's getting her back on track. Everyone is optimistic about her regaining custody," says a source.

Still, another friend of Spears' has a different story about the 25-year-old slow moving train wreck pop-star's mindset, saying: "She's so scared. For Britney, [losing Sean and Jayden] was her realest moment ever... She doesn't know what to do."

The concerned friend adds, "She is going hit an all time low."

And this celebrity gossip site will be there to cover it.


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great going sam...lols


maybe Sam Lufti was responsible back then for her not showing up. he was afterall, in charge of scheduling


shez a whore


I've never been a Britney Spears fan but you have to live in a hole if you don't hear the gossip I just hope she gets the help she so badly needs. Get rid of that scumbag leech Sam and leave California go home to family and lay low awhile and heal. My prayers are with you and your family especially your little boys. Please find your way back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Russia loves Britney! Sam should be killed because he killed our Brit/ We pray she wouild be fine..... we love her so much.. we are ready to give our hearts for her happiness.....


i dunno but Britney's situation is looking more and more like the situation that Anna Nichole Smith was in with Larry Dickhead... very sad and sick that people think its ok to treat and use her like that... Sam Lufti should be ashamed of himself... but since he doesn't have a conscience he most likely won't lose any sleep over this... all people like him think and care about is $$$money$$$... .. the entertainment industry has corrupted this country and will corrupted the rest of this planet.... because of the "EI" our country has been dumbed down... majority of our young americans are becoming drones to the EI... you ask them a question about history... something they should know and the majority of them can not answer the question... sad... very sad... but ask them about Britney Spears and they can tell you practically everything about her... what she eats to what color underware she's wearing.. or not wearing.... this country... damn this whole planet is going to hell....


Britney Spears needs Jesus, love and suppotr, and to stop acting like a kid, she has two of her own now. Grow up girl, or woman i might say. get a life to go with all the money., because money does not make you happy. you need Jesus


You know where most people are from its a crime to drug and torture someone!!! I guess LA is not one of those places. I hate the fact our media has became about everybody's nasty little secret. And as people we judge before we know the whole story! This "Sam" has done this before. He plays on peoples emotions, do a little research. It is not Brits fault that she is being drugged and emotionally broke down. D*ck (Sam) came in like a friend to deceive like he has done in the past. Theres plenty of dirt on Lufti I am just surprised that he wasn't caught before this. Maybe LA PD or whatever police dept should take this guy down for crimes he has committed. Enough about my rant, the guy needs to be jailed, maybe even f'ed with in jail.
I hope her the best of mind and soul, this ahole really messed with her young mind w/ the drugs and abuse, its just not right!!


She should do this, she should do that. The court should... blah blah blah. Try living your own lives.

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