Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez: Engaged!

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Well, it's about time.

Actress Rose McGowan is finally engaged to director Robert Rodridguez, a source close to the sometimes nude actress confirms.

Rose McGowan Photograph

McGowan, 34, met Rodriguez, 39, in 2006 when he directed her in the Planet Terror portion of the Grindhouse double feature.

"We are best friends," McGowan told People last June. "We instantly became really good friends."

Engagement rumors have swirled for months as the couple attended Hollywood events, and recently Rose McGowan has been spotted sporting a diamond ring on the finger you usually wear one on.

Rose McGowan previously was engaged to Marilyn Manson. Robert Rodriguez is divorced from producer Elizabeth Avellan, with whom he has five children.

A rep for McGowan declined to comment on the upcoming nuptials. Calls to Robert Rodriguez's rep were not immediately returned either.


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How is she a slut??? Honestly you never her whorish thiengs about her. Shes just a freaking talented actress trying to live her life. So please if you can give me one reason thats shes a slut other then your jealosy id be happy to hear it. The guy shes engaged to was divoreced before she came along, so as I said how is anything about this story or Rose Mcgowan slutty???


ROSE ISNT A SLUT shes a great person, leave her alone stop bagging her for everything, he didnt have to propose to her, and IM GLAD SHE IS ENGAGED coz she is kind hearted and SHE HAS THE BEST SMILE so lay off, alright. jeez, u guys r HARSH


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