Raffaello Follieri, Beau of Anne Hathaway, Named in Suit

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The boy-toy of Hollywood glamor girl Anne Hathaway, Raffaello Follieri, is entangled in another lawsuit, according to the New York Post.

This is potentially worse than those rather sexual photos in which Anne Hathaway apparently went to town on Raffaello Follieri while on a yacht.

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According to the N.Y. Post, the D.C.-based media firm the Carmen Group is suing Follieri for $300,000, reports the Legal Times, after the Italian real estate mogul hired the company to handle his public relations in the wake of a suit brought against him by L.A.-based Yucaipa Companies in May.

The Carmen Group claims the boyfriend of Anne Hathaway never paid a $25,000 per month fee. Follieri's rep denied the accusation, stating "The Carmen Group worked with the Follieri Group for one month and were paid for one month."

Either way, it looks like Raffaello Follieri is up to no good... and we're not just talking about getting serviced by Anne Hathaway on board a ship this time.


Does this girl need to be smacked upside her head with a BAT to get it? She is so snowed. Everyone thinks she's such the well behaved starlet. At least if she were partying and on drugs being with this jack ass might be excusable, but consciously deciding to be with this horrible con artist who has left a wake of deceit everywhere he steps is incredible. Our parish Monsignor says he calls and harasses him for meetings and that when he said I talk to the Vatican all the time and they've never heard of you, Rafaello responded with an oh really, I'm so surprised. JERK!

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