Possibly Pregnant: Pamela Anderson

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Pamela Anderson is two months pregnant.

So states celebrity gossip magazine, In Touch, which reports the former Baywatch star married sex tape expert Rick Salomon in Las Vegas over the weekend because he got her knocked up.

Pamela in Paris

Take this news with a grain of salt as big as Anderson's breasts, especially after she denied it herself earlier in the month - but would anyone be shocked if these two didn't practice the safest sex in the world? They were probably too busy getting the video camera to focus.

"Pam says that the pregnancy is fate and an incredible blessing," a source told In Touch, adding that the same day a home pregnancy test came up positive on September 29, the couple applied for a marriage license.

This would thrill Jennifer Lopez, of course, as her pregnancy would be entirely forgotten about if the rumors are true.

"Pam had begged Rick to keep the news secret until she had reached three months, but he broke his promise," the insider said.

And why would Anderson want such news to remain a secret? Because many worry that the actress, who has hepatitis C, will put her life in danger carrying another child.

However, ob-gyn Dr. Sheryl A. Ross - who does not treat Pamela, yet does apparently give comments to entertainment news outlets - said her hepatitis C should not affect her pregnancy, nor will it be passed on to her unborn child.

"The risk to the fetus is extremely low, less than 5 percent. She would be unlikely to transmit the virus to her offspring," Dr. Ross said.


Wow. she can't be pregnate....how will she party and sleep with more guys...oh what she is married now.hahahah riiiiight. Wonder which house rick gets in the devorce? Prop this one http://www.housefront.com/8255... its giant (among other things)

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I think she is a bitch and whore.

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