Possible New Couple Alert: Josh Hartnett & Rihanna

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Yes, ladies man Josh Hartnett again got some action - and with a really young hottie. Milo Ventimiglia would be so proud if he could see this story!

After romancing Scarlett Johansson and Helena Christensen, among others, in recent months, the 29-year-old Hartnett was spotted locking lips with the young and sexy Rihanna, 19, last night at N.Y. City club Pink Elephant.

Into the Light

A source said Hartnett and Rihanna â€" who lunched about three weeks ago in L.A. - met up after her Thursday concert at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square.

Hartnett and Rihanna, who were sipping Dom Perignon and vodka throughout the night, "didn't come together, but left together," the witness adds.

How will Chris Brown react to this? That remains to be seen.

Looks like we may have a hot new couple on our hands. Stay tuned!

Josh Hartnett... Rihanna... Jihanna? Rartnett?


I dont think josh should be dating her because I dont like her very much


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she can date whomever she pleases
and you saying that she should stay away from ne-yo
you will most probably never meet him so get over it
she's 19
she's allowed to have dates
and get to know different people
that's how she will know what she wants in a man
what do you want her to do?
meet a man and marry him straight away?
leave her alone
she's learning how to date
besides the guys do worst
they can sleep with whoever they want and noone says nothing but when the girls do it
people talk


oh hell no these 2 does not make a good couple at all............how will Chris Brown react to all this? hmm............i don't really care so long she stays away from Ne-yo *rols eyes*

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